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I love Copenhagen, but…

Blogs might give you the impression that everything is always exciting, fun and great. But hey, life isn’t always like that! It sometimes sucks balls, but who wants to read about that right?!

But who am I holding you from reality.. I ABSOLUTELY am in love love love with Copenhagen. BUT, there’s one thing that I am constantly surprised about: Danish public toilets. I do not kid, these toilets would make you believe that you are in a third world country, as supposed to be the worlds happiest country. No, Danish toilets make me the worlds unhappiest gawl!

Somehow the toilets resemble more to the toilets in e.g. Thailand then any other developed country. And you know why?! OPEN trash bins! Back in the Netherlands trash bins in the womans private room are sealed in such a way that you will NEVER EVER be in contact (even if its only eye contact..) with other womans trash. But somehow, here in Denmark, I have been told that people trow their trash on the floor when the bins have a closing “door”, with as consequence: bright and open trash bins and you can imagine yourself all the things I had to see in them :(

No picture for this post, that is just too gross. BUT if you want an impression, see for yourself.

With love,

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Nasi Goreng

First of all, my sincere apologies for the extreme lack of blogging: after my birthday, many hangovers, many more drinks and a lot of laying around in the park I couldn’t find the spirit to blog.. But here I am again 😀

You can take away the girl from the past malam, but you can’t take away the pasar malam from the girl..

The Pasar Malam Besar is a yearly Infonesian foodfest in the Netherlands. And for as long as I can remember my dad would take me and my sister to eat some sate kambing, martabak and drink ice tjendol.

So since I can’t fly back for every random occasion, there was no other option than making myself some Indonesian food! I made an easy Nasi Goreng with “rookworst”, pickled cucumbers and a fried egg. It is an easy dish to use al the leftover vegetables that are waiting for you in the fridge to be used and it will be a guaranteed big success!

– 1 day old rice (I wouldn’t use new rice – or at least rice that hasn’t cooled down first)
– 1 Onion
– 2 parts (that’s not how you say this in English?) of garlic
– Random vegetables (I used left over carrot, squash, bean sprouts and persille)
– Random meat (I used Dutch smoked sausage, but you could use any kind of meat you want)
– Bundle of coriander
– Nasi Goreng Boemboe (pack of seasoning which you should be able to find in any Asian supermarket)

1. Fry the onion and garlic untill the colour light brown
2. Add the vegetables in order from hard to soft (so I put the carrots in first to shimmer for about 2 minutes, then the squash, etc)
3. Add the meat and cook for another 2 minutes, make sure that everything is covered with the seasoning
4. Finally add the rice, make sure that there are no “white spots” and that everything is covered with the boemboe.
5. Add the boemboe and a little bit of water make sure that everything is covered
6. Optional: serve with some coriander on top!

With love,

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Music: Disclosure

The first song I have posted a little while ago by Disclosure and they just released a new song.

It is like Disclosure is in my mind, if I was a producer (which I’m obviously not..), and I would make the perfect summer song it would be pretty much like this.. I always find it hard when people ask me about the music I like, which label should you place on it?! But what’s better than examples, right?

Go fancy yourself a look on their facebook and stalk them untill they will play in Copenhagen!

With love,

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Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional…

My lovely co-workers decorated my desk today!

I’m seriously getting old now.. Today I turned 25!! 25 is a bit of an odd age: first of all, its way too close to the big 3-0, but also didn’t you guys thought you would be a lot more grown up by now? In addition, besides being older you don’t get any new rights with turning 25 (which obvious is lame), 16: beer, 18: vodka + car license, 21: grown up clubs, 25: quarter-life crisis?

But besides that there are also some pros coming with turning this old: making your own money (be ashamed if you are still living of your parents dollar dollar bills!), you pretty much decide on everything yourself (so no more moms telling you have to end your teenage phone call and go to bed), and when you are asked for your ID at a club it’s actually a compliment..

However, I wish it could be my birthday everyday, waking up with balloons all over the room and a Danish Snegl waiting for me!

With love,

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