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Diary: My Instagram Week

photo (6)
Copenhagen is definitely more fun in the spring and summer. But I have to admit, when the city is covered in a thin layer of snow, it sure looks beautiful!

photo (9)
While it has been snowing for days, I was craving for some comfortfood. So what’s better than a cup of homemade Saoto soup!?

photo (7)
Running in the snow is definitely something that is NO fun, I honestly am faster when I just walk than when I try to run in the snow…

photo (8)
Another day of comfort food: spicy tomato mussels with pasta. I don’t really make mussels myself too often, but this dish was a 10 out of 10!

photo (5)
I spend way too much time in the kitchen, haha, primarily because I love eating way more than is healthy for me. Last week I also tried to make some drømmekage, it is a Danish cake with a toping of sugar and coconut flakes.

photo (10)
The boyfriend surprised me with these beautiful roses for Valentine’s day. Super cheesy, but oh so lovely!

photo (11)
And the roses wheren’t even everything, this little package was waiting for me too 😀

With love,

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


Haha, this must be the most cheesiest pictures I have ever put on my blog. But as I wrote in my last blog, one of my goals of this year is to be more thoughtful and to write the people I care for more often. So with Valentine coming up, I picmonky’d this card for my parents.

I might be one of the rare girls who actually think that Valentine’s Day is cute.. I know the whole “you should be romantic only when you feel like it, all year round, you can’t force it” routine, trust me I do. But hey, you also don’t say when Christmas comes up “you should make time for your family and pigging out only when you feel like it, all year round, you can’t force it”. I’m a sucker for traditions and even though I don’t think that Valentine is as big in Denmark as elsewhere, I still think it’s nice to have a day, where you sit down and just think: hey, I hit the jackpot with you, lets celebrate!

But I don’t really see Valentine as a day where you only celebrate your lover, I definitely also think it’s a perfect day to put the parents in the spotlight. So with me not living with them anymore (and not being able to bless them with my angel face everyday, haha, I kid), I had to be a bit more creative. My parents pretty much only love 3 things: their daughters, working, and drinking wine. The first two things I can’t really give them, but the 3rd one, some delicious red wine, should be doable!

Initially I thought about buying a bottle here in Copenhagen and just send it by mail, but the doom scenario already came up in my mind: the postman/airplane/everything on its way from DK to NL covered with red wine and my parents with no token of my appreciation. So I thought it would be smarter to just order it online in the Netherlands at a wine webshop. But you know what, there are heaps and heaps of wine webshops. I ended up with, primarily because it was one of the only webshops where the website actually looked pretty (and my rule of thumb is: pretty website = they won’t steal your money). Yesterday (around 15h), I ordered 2 bottles (one for the mommy and one for the daddy) of red wine and they got presented to my parent’s front door around 11h this morning! Long story, short: happy parents, happy me 😎

I can really recommend when you need to send a present to somebody, even last-minute, when you order before 17.00, it will be delivered the next day. They have a great assortment and I “only” paid 6.95 euro in transportation fee for 2 bottles. I’m heading out now, for some nice organic Italian food en red wine with the boyfriend at Che Fe!

Happy Valentine to all of you <3 With love, -Janet

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Hello 2013!

Source: Pinterest

I know, it is the 6th of February.. But I needed some time to think about this (not really, I blame it to writersblock), I don’t have any real new years resolutions, but I have some major goals for the next 11 months and I thought it could be nice to share them with you. Some of them will be, I hope, life-changing. Others will be the small joys of life, that will make your day.

So here goes nothing:

  • Find the perfect and cheap (!) take-away place, so this means no kebab or pizza and it has to be less than 150 kr (around 20 euro).
  • Be fluent in Danish
  • Finnish half a marathon
  • Read all the Harry Potter books
  • Send actual mail by post, for birthday’s or just days that are important for the other.
  • Find my dream job (so if anybody knows anything in the Copenhagen area, feel welcome to send me an email
  • Double the LP collection, the boyfriend and I are collecting
  • At least one trip outside of Europe (to visit Vietnam again perhaps?) and heaps of city trips (Stockholm – so I can bump into Kenza, London – Superdrug, Paris – Laduree)
  • Get this blog to the next level: so more pictures with my DSRL (less with instagram) and more regular posts. Obviously without it being draining
  • Find Danish friends, this sounds a lot more dramatic than it actually is. But about all my Danish friends are actually my boyfriend’s friend and all my own friends are internationals living in Copenhagen. Danes are quite shy to foreigners and are not really open to friendships to us, but I’m planning to break the prejudice

With love,

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Outfit of the Day

Image (1)
Hat – H&M // Necklace – Zara // Dress – Topshop // Jacket – Zara // Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Fashion Week is over so I thought it would be appropriate to put an outfit of the day picture. I don’t really do this too often, for starters i live by my sneakers+jeans uniform and in addition I still think it’s a bit awkward to just stand there in the freezcold without a coat, put on a blogger post and force somebody to make pictures of you..

I haven’t been as active this fashion week compared to last season, I’ve only visited 2 shows and an after party. But the best part about it (haha obviously besides the clothing, make-up and pretty girls) is definitely the open bars 😉 I’m looking forward to the next fashion week here, when it’s summer and you actually see more of the street style outfits than a lot of people in jackets and fur!

Note to myself: use your DSLR instead of your iPhone!!!

With love,

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