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CPC Loop Half Marathon


I did it! I ran half a marathon! And to be honest, I have no idea if I would do it ever again: it was PURE terror! I can put on a happy face and tell you it was all sugar, spice and everything nice. But it was not.. I actually thought I did quite a bit of training, I ran about 100K in the first 2 months of 2013, which is more than I ever did. But it was definitely not enough preparation for 21.1K..

The first 3K were pretty O.K., it was cold, hella cold, but everybody had such a positive energy. But after the 3K, i had to pee like a madmen (how I wished that I was just a man and could just pee in a bush), so after 6K I finally found a toilet and went in for a nr 1. This is definitely something I shouldn’t have done, after I was done I lost all my momentum and the energetic group of people. I ran a lot alone (which meant: no one to shelter behind) and I swear at some point I think I saw the car that was following the last person. So I just starting running faster and faster and until 15K everything was fine enough, I tried to find some running partners and screamed to myself (in my head, not as a crazy person out loud) to not start walking (which I didn’t do for the entire run).

I knew that from 16K, we would run over the beach boulevard and beforehand I always thought: when I’m at the boulevard it’s gonna be easy breezy, 6 more kilometres. But my god, what was I wrong. It was extremely cold on the boulevard (even with some snow), the run was a steep rise and the last 5K everything just started to hurt from my hips to my feet. Normally I can “fake” my tempo the last 2K by running harder than my usual speed, but these last 2K were incredible hard for me. Over and over again I asked myself, why do I keep signing up for these things?


But then I saw my family and friends, screaming and jumping and I knew: I made it! The elementary-school fatty ran half a marathon! I got my medal and while trying to walk back to my loved ones, my legs definitely didn’t do what I wanted them to do anymore. But so what? I ran 21.1K!


Thanks everybody for cheering for me! It must have been crazy cold for y’all, but you guys were definitely why I made it!


Congratulations to all the others that ran a 5K, 10K or half a marathon! Now I’m gonna eat as many easter chocolat eggs as possible! See you next year (perhaps)!

With love,

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Happy Birthday to my Sister


My sister is 4 years older than I am and has always been this cool rebel chick, where I was more the nerdy talk-to-myself kind of kid. Since she was always heaps cooler than I was (or haha, just because she was a bit older), we have never been really close sisters (like Mary-Kate and Ashley) but nonetheless she is one of my most precious friends. One of the oldest memory I have of us playing together, is when we watched Jurassic Park on TV. She pretended to be a dinosaur and I was Lex Murphy, we screamed and jumped over the couch in the living room and I had such an amazing time with her. I’m not really sure what I was planning to tell you with this, but here you go, another bunch of unusable information.


My sister and I have always have had a love/hate relationship. This is mostly because we disagree pretty much on everything: on the basis principles of life to the color of our nails. But at the same time, she is also the sister that would go over to the guys that bullied me in elementary school to teach them a lesson. The sister that would pick my side, when I argued with my parents. The sister who I could ugly-cry in front, when I broke up with my high-school sweetheart (everything is so intense when you’re 16).


I’ve made life really hard on her sometimes, I can’t deny that. I was this goodie two shoes, that pretty much would tadle tale on everything. I made everything into a competition, even when she didn’t knew it was a game to begin with. I don’t know how it must have been for her, with a sister like me.

But her she is, celebrating the big 30 (or shall we say the big forever 21). All I have left is love and wishes for her. I hope she finds her life-calling, I hope that she will make a difference in a kid’s life (I think she would be amazing as a teacher!), and I just wish her all sugar, spice and everything nice. Because she always has my back and I hope she knows I will always have hers.

With love,

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Sephora Haul


Whattup blogosphere?! Last week was my last working day, I have been working for the same company for the last year and it was just time for some change! I don’t have another job (yet), so if you know anything awesome in the Copenhagen area, hit the comment box! My lovely co-workers gave me a gift voucher for Sephora and they couldn’t have picked out a better gift! Last weekend Sephora also had 25% discount on everything, so I went bananas and bought some things that have been on my wish list for ages!


Eyeshadow is my guilty pleasure. I don’t know why since 9 out of 10 times, I actually think my eyes look better with nothing on it at all.. But eyeshadow, it has something magical, it is fun to swatch and even more fun to buy! I got the newest naked pallet from Urban Decay (to accompany my Naked 1 and 2 pallets). This Basics pallet contains 6 warm, neutral colors and are both matte and shimmer. I definitely think that this one will be a welcome addition to my travel make-up bag, since it is small and contains pretty much every color for a day or evening look!



Make Up For Ever might be one of my favorite brands. Both the Aqua Shadow and Aqua Brow have been on my wish list for ages, every time I’m so surprised about the quality of their Aqua products. I use my MUFE kohl pencil almost daily, so I’m sure the Aqua Shadow will be a hard worker too. I got enthusiastic about the Aqua Brow after reading about it on beautylab and misslipgloss. I have been using it for the last two days and I’m really surprised how easy it applies, the only downside is that their colour is not a complete match with my hair color. I’m using nr 20 (light brown), but I might add nr 30 (dark brown) to mix with.

Now I’m gonna enjoy the lovely weather!

With love,

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Aamanns – Øster Farimagsgade 12


Shame on me: I have been living here for a year now and I’ve only recently tried the traditional Danish traditional smørrebrød! But I make my first times exquisite (that’s what she said) and I went to Aamanns to try the real deal! Aamanns is known for their Smørrebrød lunch menu’s, but actually also serve dinner. They recently opened a branch in the hipster area of New York (TriBeCa).

First I want to start saying with: the food is amazing. If you ever visit Copenhagen, Aamanns is definitely worth the visit! BUT, I would say it is on the more pricey range of the spectrum. Luckily, I visited them during Copenhagen Dining Week. Where I got 3 different kinds of haring, a lunch menu and dessert for 200 kr (25 euro). It is probably the smaller version of everything, but just to say in perspective: the normal lunch menu costs 275 kr (35 euro), which is in my opinion a big chunk out of your wallet, especially “just” for lunch. But you’re not here to discuss budgets, so lets talk some food!


The restaurant is located in Copenhagen Østerbro, which is a cute district where a lot of families with kids live. The kids part makes me not go there too often, but it is really “hyggeligt” (gezellig/cosy) and has a lot of nice boutiques. The restaurant itself is also cute and designed according the Danish Feng Shui: so minimalistic, with small tables close to each other. You better get used to the latter, since most Danish restaurants cram as many tables as possible on a square meter.


Not only the smørrebrød was a first timer, it was also the first time I tried Schnapps. And this was a hard one to ever outdo! It was a schnapps made of apple and some kind of wheat and it actually tasted delicious! I still don’t really understand why you want to drink hard liquor together with lunch. But as they say: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. While I normally don’t prefer the Danish haring, the haring served at Aamanns is amazing! It doesn’t has that sweet and sour, silty taste it normally has. But it’s a lot closer to fresh haring, which combines great with rye bread!


And this tartar is TO DO FOR! I would just come back for this dish only.. It is fresh, has great flavour and the bread to comes with it is YUM! Carbs and meat, what more can a girl wish for 😎


The Aamanns lunch comes with a lot of traditional ryebread (or sourdough) toppings, we got some with chicken, a fishy thing and cheese. Their menu is a great way to try a lot of different Danish food and to just have a cosy afternoon.


We ended our lunch with this amazing desert of caramelized milkchocolatmouse with lime and nuts. And yes, it tasted as good as the name sounds!

Aamanns is a definite recommendation for those living here of planning to visit Copenhagen. I would definite say go all in, try the schnapps with a local beer. Don’t cram a visit too tight, the food is really too good to just rush eating!

With love,

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