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Girl Crush: Adrianne Ho



The Canadian Adrianne Ho was born to a Chinese father and a French mother and is the new “it” girl in streetwear and lifestyle. You will rarely see her without a pair of Nike sneakers and a Supreme beanie. That’s exactly what I think is so cool about her: she promotes a healthy lifestyle and is cute as a button!









She is the new face for the Spring/Summer 2013 Stussy lookbook and how amazing do these pictures look?! They definitely make a girl wanna get some new gear and hit the street 😉

“Unfortunately” her instagram is primarily used for showcasing her photo shoots. I would have loved to see a bit more about her daily sport routine. But those eyebrows definitely make up for that 😉

With love,

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Inspiring people: Nirimmi Joy Firebrace


Where to start? The 20-year-old Nirimmi Joy Firebrace (even her name is amazeballs) is the youngest fashion photographer ever signed to an agency. She shot a Diesel campaign in 2010 (when she was 17) and a Billabong campaign at age 18. She is the proud momma of Alba (1 year old) and deliberately choose to become a parent at such a young age. She and her lover (whom she has been with since age 14) live a bohemian life while travelling all continents. She seems to be a real passionate artist (in every aspect of the definition, the positive and the negative) and besides her gorgeous pictures, I also love her dreamy writing style (see: biography).

I love her vision on life, even though it might be 180 degrees different from my own life. She lives her life with the idea of only needing as much as food, a roof above her head and her camera. She dropped out of high-school to become an artist and she definitely succeeded for her young age. Her blog The Road is Home is definitely worth a visit!





All pictures are from The Road is Home. Isn’t she gorgeous?! Most of these pictures are made by her boyfriend M, but go to her blog to see more of her own editorials!

With love,

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Running Update

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 14.50.58

After running half a marathon I kinda went all crazy with the couch potato lifestyle (shame on me) and used the “but I ran 21.1K” excuses for way too long. So I decided to lift my ass up from the couch again, started doing Crossfit again (and directly being punished by having no arm-muscles anymore) and got my running shoes back from the Netherlands (I even just let those stay there for 2 weeks after the marathon because I knew I wasn’t going to use them anyways).

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 14.50.29

For me personally it is quite hard to motivate myself when there is no clear goal to work towards, while I don’t know if I would run a half marathon any time soon (perhaps the half marathon in September?) I did signed up for some shorter 10K runs. I signed up for the Mini city run which will be the 2nd of May and the Nike ladiesrun in Copenhagen which will be organized the 16th of June.

What are your personal short-term fitness goals?

With love,


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Distortion x Night Hosts


Distortion is definitely one of my favorite things to-do in the Spring of Copenhagen. It is a free one-week festival, taking place in the streets of Copenhagen where every district competes with each other for the best party award.

Unfortunately the organization wasn’t able to raise enough funds to keep the one-week festival in its original format, so this year not all districts will compete and the party is “downsized” to a five-days festival. However, to compensate they invited some pretty cool organizations and clubs to host their own dance floor. I’m thrilled that my favorite club in Amsterdam Trouw is also organizing one of the nights!!

Distortion will be all over Copenhagen from the 29th of May till the 2nd of June. If you are thinking about a city trip to Copenhagen, this period is definitely recommended!

Here are some pictures of last year’s Distortion.













With love,

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Interior Decoration

(source: Philosofine)

The boyfriend and I have been living together for about a year now and we have completely different taste regarding pretty much everything interior. I like things to be funny, comfy and bubbly (not to confuse with girly tho..) and he likes everything modern.

So last week when we dropped by the creative flea-market Finders Keepers we couldn’t agree on any of the illustrations that were sold. I liked the illustration of the big fluffy bear who dressed up, the boyfriend liked the graphic illustration of a minx – our relationship in a nutshell…

(source: Michelle Carlslund Illustrations)

(source: 215)

I kid you not, we walked through the entire venue 3 times to find something we both agreed on. And we finally did, on a piece that I actually already fell in love with a couple of weeks ago when it hit the blogosphere. It is a poster from Kort Kartellet of the district (inner city) where we live. A lot of Danish youngsters/hipsters don’t like the district because it’s quite and there are not a lot of clubs to go to, but I love it: there are heaps of shops close by, Kongens Have (the most beautiful park) is literally only 5 minutes away and there are tons of nice routes to run.


We haven’t found a spot yet, but I kind dig the first picture of this blog with all the districts on one wall. But with a tag price from 400 kr (50 euro) to 600 kr (80 euro) I need to save up a bit first (and stop buying all the kitchen appliances/tools) 😉 I definitely added the Copenhagen poster on my wish list!

Finders Keepers is a great place to find bargains on Danish furniture, art and clothing from young designers often straight from art academies. There’s also a bunch of bloggers that sold their old stuff, but I always find it a bit hard to really find something special in a bundle of 2nd hand stuff. On their website you can find great inspiration from all the sellers and most of the things are also on sale online!

With love,

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