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Stella Polaris – Night Music Gallery


Hi guys! Hope you all had an amazing weekend! I spend my time visiting Ikea, chilling and visiting a festival at the national museum.

Whenever people ask me what I like most about living in Copenhagen, I always answer that everything is possible here. In my opinion, a lot is prohibited in the Netherlands: you’re not allowed to bring your own beers and/or food to festivals or even just to a nice square in the city, a lot of nice concepts never come to life because they don’t get the right permits, and free festivals don’t really exist anymore (of course there is Parkpop in the Hague, but who wants to pay 5 euro’s for a beer because you weren’t allowed to bring your own?)

The spring and summer are definitely the best period here in Scandinavia and I’m absolutely in love with the fact that everything is for free. There’s a free festival at least every two weeks (to name a couple: Distortion, Stella Polaris, and StrĂžm) where you can bring your own drinks or even a picnic, when the sun is shining you can have a beer where ever you want (next to the water at Nyhavn, in one of the beautiful parks – Kongens Haven is my personal favorite, or go to one of the free outdoor pools in the harbour. Of course, there are higher taxes to be paid, but since the money actually visibly flows back to society it’s not too bad!


Last Saturday the festival season officially started with Stella Polaris’ Night Music Gallery. For this event the Copenhagen national museum was open at night for everybody and some pretty nice artists performed.



The night was sponsored by my all time favorite beverage Somersby. It’s a sweet cider, kinda girly to be honest, but without the Breezer-stigma. Of course I had to try out their new wild cactus version!




A festival isn’t a festival without some street art 😉






I have never visited the museum before, so I thought it was pretty nice that all their exhibitions were still open to visit. They show contemporary art from 1900 until 2013, most of the artists have a Danish background and that also results in pretty weird pieces (o.a. a half Filipino half Danish artist who created a video clip where she states that it’s not cool to be Asian anymore, but rather it is “so hip to be a nigger” – I know art is supposed to be controversial, but do you think a piece like this would ever be shown in a Dutch museum?).


On a much lighter note, I’m head over heals with my new bomber from Zara!

With love,

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Disclosure Concert


Besides Daley I went to another concert by British band, Disclosure. I didn’t really had any expectation, I’m always a bit in a dubio when going to an electronic concert since it’s hard to interact with an audience behind a keyboard. But the two lads (who are also brothers) were amazing live and there was even a surprise performance by Jessie Ware.

With love,

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Daley Showcase


Back in July last year I wrote about Daley and I was supposed to see him last September. So I was definitely bumped out when I heard the concert was moved (to effing 6 months later), because he had a better gig in London (okay, I do understand that a sold out O2 in London is a bit more exciting than little Vega in Copenhagen…)

In all my madness, I wrote Daley a message and surprisingly I got a reply too 😎

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 01.17.22

Well to make a long story short, I returned my tickets. Who plans for anything that far ahead? But he happened to play in Amsterdam again (since the original showcase there was also cancelled) during the Easter break and my sister was so nice to get me a ticket (dank je :D).

The showcase was great, it was small and intimate. Sometimes you could hear a penny drop, because everybody was so quiet, in the positive sense of the word though. Daley is a great artist and I hope that he’ll be able to turn his free mixtape into a great commercial success with his first album.

I wasn’t really impressed by my own photographic skills during the VETO concert in Aarhus, everything kept being too blurry or too dark. So I digged into all I could find about concert photography and below is the result. I think I still need some practice on it, but also be more daring and move around in the public to catch some different angles.








What do you think about the pictures?

With love,

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PS: here his version of Usher’s Climax.

Girl Crush: Chrissy Teigen


I have a major girl crush on Chrissy Teigen after bumping in to her instagram! The half Thai/half Norwegian (raised in the States) is besides SI model also John Legend’s fiance.


The long-legged babe also has her own bikini line! And did I already told you that she’s also a VS model?


But what I think is pretty awesome about her are her love notes to alcohol and dirty jokes on twitter and instagram! But that’s not all: so doesn’t only looks amazeballs, has a good sense of humor, but she’s also a foodie!



On she blogs about her culinary adventures and it looks like she’s a pretty darn good chef!

Oh and here is where she lives… At least the kitchen is being used 😎

With love,

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Pastis – Oude Molstraat 57 (the Hague)


First of all, sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures (blame it on the red wine). I only realized, when I checked the pictures at home, how unclear and dark they are (and I’m to lazy to edit them). But anyways, I still want to share them with you!

Whenever I’m back in the Netherlands, I tend to go to the same restaurants over and over again. While here in Copenhagen, as a “newbie” in town, I make a real effort of finding cute and cosy restaurants. So during the Easter holiday I was really determined to find something cute in the Hague too!

And boy did I succeed! Pastis is a cute French dinner, in the same street as ‘t Hof van Eten (told you that the Hofkwartier district was awesome!). Initially I couldn’t find the place and walked passed it, thinking “hmm, here I have to go a next time” to find out that it was actually the place I made a reservation for!


Everything in the restaurant, from menu till interior is Paris based and it definitely feels like a holiday within a holiday! The boyfriend ordered a Steak frites sauce BĂ©arnaise ou beurre maĂźtre d’hĂŽtel and it was like how the French meant it to be! Juicy with a no-nonsense attitude.


I ordered a steak tartare «spécialité maison» frites et salade verte and what is better than a piece of steak? Raw pieces of steak! Everything came already seasoned, but for the spice lovers it came with some tabasco and worcestershire sauce. The fries and mayo are also TO DIE FOR.


I’m always a bit afraid when you order a bottle of wine, without looking at the wine card. Not because I have such a great knowledge about wine (I’m pretty much a “I like it/I don’t like it” kind of girl), but more because you don’t wanna end up spending 50% of the final bill on the wine. Luckily most bottles at Pastis cost around 20-30 euro and they are pretty decent too!

This is definitely my favorite restaurant in the Hague and I can’t wait to try out their mussels too!

With love,

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