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New In: Becksöndergaard & Marc By Marc Jacobs


This cutie pie by Marc Jacobs has already been wrapped around my iPhone for the last month. I’m not really a pink-girly-girl but when I saw this one, I fell in love instantly: how much cuteness can I handle?


I love sample sales, who doesn’t wants to by new stuff for a bargain? I headed over to the Becksöndergaard sample sale the other day and I knew they would have some nice goodies! I bought this little pouch, which comes with a leather strap for around your neck. I think it will be great for in the summer, when I don’t wanna bring my entire bag but only my iPhone and some money. This one costs 100 dkk (13 euro).



Lately I have been (attempting to) networking a bit and I always end up with a couple of business cards, which I awkwardly dump in my black-hole bag (once it disappears in there, it may never see daylight again). So I bought this little card holder to respectfully order all those cards, but I guess it will also be great when I go out and only wanna bring my credit card! This also only costed 100 dkk.

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The Dutch holiday “Koninginnedag” (queensday) is definitely one of those days where I miss the Netherlands and hanging out with my friends. Especially this year, where queen Beatrix abdicated the throne to her son. In the Hague, the city where I’m from, it’s tradition to celebrate the night before queensday and with a bunch of pictures on my facebook wall I just wished that teleporting was a real thing.

Nonetheless I had a great day at the Dutch residency in Denmark! Obviously it was not as crazy-drunk as the parties are in Amsterdam, but it’s always fun to see how many Dutchies actually live in Denmark. I pigged out on bitterballen (little bundles of happiness), rookworst and the free booz 😉





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