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Summer Readings


Summer equals having time to read some new books for me. Even though I tell myself on a daily basis not to go to bed with my iPhone (since artificial light is wrecking your sleep) and read a book in stead, I hardly actually do it *shame on me*. So with the prospect of 3 little holidays (to a Danish island with the family-in-law where I’m at now, next week back to the Netherlands to visit the parents and at the end of the month to Paris with the boyfriend), I visited my all-time favorite webshop: Amazon and ordered the books above.

I’m not sure why, but books are ridiculously expensive in Denmark. J.K. Rowling’s “The Casual Vacancy” alone already costs around 35 euro, which is the same I paid for all five books together on Amazon!

While I intended to buy the Harry Potter books, I ended up with Rowling’s newest novel. Hope it will be as good as the HP movies, even though it’s probably the worst comparison. “The Time Traveler’s Wife” has been on my to read list for months, besides that it’s a love story I’m not really sure what it’s about, but I’m happy to find out. The Great Gatsby is currently in cinema’s and I was just curious what all the fuzz is about. During my last holiday in Bali I read “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett, so when Amazon suggested “The Color Purple” I knew I couldn’t go wrong with it. When it’s good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for me. “The Fault in Our Stars” is actually totally unknown for me, but it has been a #1 in the New York Times Bestseller list, so I thought why not give it a try?

PS: Did you knew, when ordering above 25 pounds Amazon ships for free? Also internationally!

With love,

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New in: Essie Lilacism & Essie Sand Tropez


Nailpolish might be my one and only guilty pleasure. Even though my nails disagree (read: they are dry and damaged), but a bit of color pops up every outfit and they kinda help my 12-year old hands to look like they are actually attached to an adult.

I’ve always been an O.P.I. kind of girl, since as soon as the first spring sunbeam hits the city I love to pop some bright and happy (preferably neon) color on my nails. However, lately I actually find that pastel colors match better with a tanned skin and after reading Annemerel raving about Essie’s Lilacism I biked to the nearest department store. I never gave Essie too much attention (besides “Mademoiselle” which is my all time favorite pink/nude color) because their colors where so safe and humble. But I fell in love with the nude Sand Tropez and bought this together with Lilacism.


On my ring-finger you see Essie’s Apple Mint Candy. I love the purple color and it really compliments my tanned skin tone. Essie’s nail polish, in combination with Orly’s rubberized basecoat and my favorite topcoat by Out the Door, easily stay on my nails without any chips for about a week.

With love,

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Sankt Hans (midsummer)


Last Sunday the Danes celebrated Sankt Hans and while we Dutchies have weird cultural habits (ergo: Sinterklaas), the Danes certainly know their part of cray-cray too. Sankt Hans is also often referred to as Midsummer and when I ask around what is being celebrated, I only managed to receive a “we burn a witch and we sing a song” as answer. Luckily we always have wikipedia to the rescue:

It is the day where the medieval wise men and women would gather special herbs that they needed for the rest of the year to cure people.The Danes often meet with family and friends to have dinner together. If the weather is good, they then proceed to a local bonfire venue. Here the bonfire with the witch on top is lit around 10 pm. Beforehand, a bonfire speech is often made, at large events normally by a well-known person. According to popular belief, St John’s Eve was charged with a special power where evil forces were also at work. People believed that the witches flew past on their broomsticks on their way to the Brocken. To keep the evil forces away, the bonfires were usually lit on high ground. Placing a witch – made of old clothes stuffed with hay – on the bonfire is a tradition which did not become common until the 20th century.

That definitely sounds crazier than our Sinterklaas with his Zwarte Piet, doesn’t it? Well anyway, it was a great excuse for the boyfriend and me to pop open a nice bottle of red wine and enjoy the city. And yes, I brought two glass glasses instead of plastic cups. I honestly think that wine just tastes better in a glass glass, the boyfriend thinks I’m crazy…


Nothing beats some fresh white Nike’s.


Nyhavn may be one of most crowded tourist spots, but can you blame them? It’s such a cute and pretty little street!


The Danes manage to add a song into every tradition, so of course there’s also a Sankt Hans song…


Here a “witch” is being burned, she even screamed a bit. It must have been so weird, back in those days when they really burned innocent women!

While I’m always a bit skeptical regarding Danish traditions (why-o-why is there always a song to sing?), I really liked Sankt Hans. It’s pretty much just a cosy night and a good excuse to take advantage of the longest day of the year!

With love,

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Summer Cinema


The weather has been great the last couple of weeks and hopefully it will stay this way, because in the 2nd week of August (11 – 16) Zulu’s Summer Cinema is hitting town again. During this week, you can check out 6 movies outside in Fælledparken for free!

Check their website for more information

Sunday 11 August: Moonrise Kingdom
Monday 12 August: De Urørlige
Tuesday 13 August: Skyfall
Wednesday 14 August: Kapringen
Thursday 15 August: Django Unchained
Friday 16 August: SURPRISE

All movies start at 21.15

With love,

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The Girl on Instagram

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 14.55.49

I’m not sure why, but I always found an open Instagram account (for everybody visible) quite invasive. Probably because I made 100 selfies with it, to only like the first one. But then it finally hit me: why don’t I just make the 100 selfies with the normal camera app and only upload the one I like on Instagram?! So slowly I changed my setting so people could add me after I approved and yesterday I just opened my entire instagram. It doesn’t really makes sense that I trow my entire life on the streets on my blog and think that Instagram pictures are too invasive..


So I would really appreciate it if you would add me on instagram, my username is mmadein1987. Don’t forget the double “m” otherwise you end up following a complete stranger 😉

Online you can find my account HERE

With love,

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PS: I know I should just consume my food instead of making pictures of it, but I use Instagram kinda as an online food diary, so I can remember what kind of dishes I prepared!