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The last time I visited Paris was in 2007 and I honestly have NO idea why it took me so long to go back. I love Paris, the food, the atmosphere and even the people! I remember the last time I was in Paris, none of the youngsters spoke English and because of this (and add the common opinion people have about the French) I thought they were rude. This time, pretty much everybody we encountered spoke fluent English and about 3 times (!) people even came over to us when they saw us struggling with a map!

While making this picture, we realized we hate all tourists-traps. But I had to go to Champs Elysees and visit Sephora, which is a piece of pure heaven on the highway to hell.

Before you read any further, I have to apologize, I am really bad in taking pictures when I’m on a holiday. Even though I often bring my camera, I just forget to capture it and always and still feel kind of mixed about it. I think you always should just enjoy the moment fully without being distracted or seeing the world through a lens, but on the other hand, I also love to share my life with you and this is kind of hard without the “evidence”. I will try to be better in this, I have some nice trips on the planning for the next month (Stockholm again, a couple of days in Amsterdam and a wedding in Madrid), so I promise I will at least try!



We stayed at Mama Shelter and I can only recommend this place (like all other bloggers do..) the hotel is young and alive and a lot of guests are coming to the place for just dinner or some drinks. Most other hotels I have stayed at, only have some business people at the bar, but Mama Shelter really seems to be the French place to be.


I could just move to Paris for all the perfect wines and charcuterie. On our first day we had a little pit stop at restaurant Absinthe, honestly what else can a girl wish for?








Well obviously more food. The boyfriend and I made the mistake of going to a lot of the places where we wanted to go for lunch “too late” (around 14.30), while we were planning to go to Bistrot Paul Bert (it looked SOO cute), we were forced to find something else. We ended up lunching at Chez Mamy. It was a cute little bistrot where we sat outside just enjoying live. While sitting there, I could really see us moving to Paris one day!






L’avant Comptoir in the 6th arr. looks like a tourist trap on the outside (you can order crepes through there “drive-through” window), but inside it is the cutest place for a quick snack. You can order everything from the signs above your head and while waiting/eating, you share bread, butter and pickles with your neighbors. There are no seats, so you have to eat while standing, but I really think this adds to the Paris feeling. We weren’t really sure what to do with the whole artichoke, so we just guess you dip it in olive oil with some salt.

Don’t forget to check out my blog about Au Passage, definitely my favorite restaurant in Paris and I can’t wait to go back there one day!

With love,

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Ida Davidsen – Store Kongensgade 70


The draft-box is filled with pictures without stories of amazing restaurants that I have been visiting over the last couple of months. I do appreciate my eating out way too much, if you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen hard proof of that.


These pictures, even though there are only a couple, have been waiting a while for some additional words. Ida Davidson is known for her traditional Smørrebrød and I have passed by her restaurant a good bunch of times, without ever going in. Somehow the restaurant is not really appealing from the outside and on top of that, they are closed in the weekend. However, when my sister and brother from another mother were in town I wanted to show them some traditional food.


And we all LOVED the food, the place is nothing fancy. It sure is cosy, but it is a place where you go for the food. Under this pile of heavenly steak tartar is a piece of rybread hidden and all the ingredient are fresh and tasty. When you enter the restaurant, you’re being welcomed by a whole counter filled with different kinds of smørrebrød (which thinking of it, I should have made a picture of).


I honestly get hungry again from seeing these pictures. Ida Davidson is a great recommendation if you want to try some traditional Danish food, only minor critique is that the place is pretty expensive. The dishes are somewhere between 10 and 20 euro’s, so with a big group (or your lover) it can be an expensive lunch! However, when in Rome, do as the Romans do…

With love,

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