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Half Marathon Training Week 2/17


Hi guys,

Last week was a slow running week unfortunately. I started the week on last Tuesday with a short 3K run, but I really hate everything shorter than 5K. The first couple of kilometres I always struggle so much in my head. I can’t find peace and quiet just yet, honestly thoughts like “why am I doing this” “what should I make for dinner” and “how does my calendar looks for the upcoming week” keep up popping up. But after around 5/6K I pretty much thought about everything and can just focus on running and the surroundings.

So luckily I had some time to do a 8K run last Thursday where I really tried to focus on improving my pace. Due to exams I didn’t have time for another long run in the weekend, I know, lame excuse and I also really regretted not having planned in the time!

Hey, by the way, did I already told you guys that I signed up for the NYC marathon? After reading all the updates on Annemerel and Girls Love 2 Run last November, I thought I would just give it a shot. Not everybody makes it through the lottery, but signing up was only 5USD. So what to lose, right?

With love,

Christmas Wrapping


Probably the best part of Christmas is gift wrapping (okay, okay, perhaps after spending time with family, the food, the actual gifts…). I honestly could imagine to have a gift wrapping station at some point in my life. I think it’s sooooo much fun to match some nice quality wrapping paper with funny bows, ribbons, ornaments and name tags. And yes, I have to admit that I even spend an entire Sunday evening watching YouTube movies about gift wrapping (see here and here).

I know, I probably should find a hobby or something. But I really think that one of the greatest things about Christmas, is to give somebody you care for a present that you have put time and effort in (hence the Christmas shopping in November). I don’t think that Christmas presents have to be expensive or big, but just something that you know the other person would really appreciate. And who wouldn’t appreciate something that comes in such a pretty wrap?







With love,

Nars One Night Stand Palette


I honestly hate doing my Christmas shopping in December, I always get so irritated when the shops are loaded with people and when you have to queue up to pay. So I try to buy everything around November or online (even better!). But somehow I still ended up buying some stuff this month and while doing that I also ended up buying something for myself (oopsie daisy).

When I saw that Nars released a palette with their most popular blushes I couldn’t resist (especially because Sephora had a 20% offer). The palette includes:

Devotee Highlighting Blush (New Shade, Alabaster Glow)
Mistinguette Blush (New Shade, Bright Pink)
Orgasm Blush (Peachy Pink with Golden Shimmer)
Laguna Bronzer (Brown Powder with Golden Shimmer)
Deep Throat Blush (Sheer Peach)
Goulue Blush (New Shade, Fleshy Pink)

And while I already had the Orgasm blush (great for going out) and the Laguna bronzer (great to contour with), I really wanted to try the Deep Throat Blush and this one already costs around 200 dkk (26 euro) for a single blush and the entire palette costed “only” 350 kr (46 euro). So I would have been a fool to not buy it (don’t you also love how girls justify their buys) and on top of it, it’s a lot easier to transport when travelling (all these excuses..). But look at it, you have to agree with me, I could not not-buy this, right?!




With love,

Our Copenhagen Home


Besides some pictures from when I just moved to Copenhagen in 2012 (here and here) I never showed you guys where I live with the boyfriend. I think it’s quite nice to see how other people/bloggers live, to get some inspiration and new ideas. Growing up in Holland my parents didn’t really cared that much about interior design, but living in Copenhagen, you kinda get forced into the “hype”. It really is nothing like a hype, Danish design really is part of Danish culture and everybody on all different layers of the social ladder find it important to invest in some nice furniture that will last for generations.

We currently live in a 3 room apartment in the city centre in an old warehouse that has been renovated. I love that our kitchen is the heart of the apartment, which makes it a great place to talk with the boyfriend while making food (although I usually watch a serie, while he’s finishing up work). We received a lot of the boyfriend parents’ (and grandmother’s) old furniture, which creates a nice mixture of modern and traditional. The staircase goes to a little loft where we have some couches, a fatboy and our tv, but to be honest we don’t go there too often since it’s only 1.5 meter high so it’s a pain to walk around. But it’s great for Sunday-Chilldays! Besides our bedroom (where you can find a little hint to our crazy time in Rotterdam) we have a little extra room that we use as office, but it also functions as  our drying/ironing/shoe-depot/guest room.








With love,

Half Marathon Training Week 1/17



It has been a while since I have updated you guys with my running habits and/or improvements. Inspired by Dailylin I will also keep you updated about my running efforts up to the half marathon world championship in Copenhagen on the 29th of March 2014.

First of all, I’m fed up with being a slow running. Well.. I like being a slow running, while actually running. I love to just stare around me and absorb the surroundings. However, whenever I compare myself to others (I know, worst thing you can do and absolutely pointless) or see my final time it starts to irritate me more and more how long it takes me to run certain distances.

So I created a 17 week running plan on Runnersweb’s website and started last week. I did some interval trainings on Monday with my lovely friend Katja, who coincidentally is an athletics coach. Another day of interval trainings on Tuesday with Løbe-skolen, my knee definitely disagreed with me running two days in a row though. I ended the week with a 9.5 km run with Sparta.


I have been training with Løbe-skolen for a couple of weeks now. They are teaching different courses (basis, sprint, marathon and interval) and I am in the basis group. It’s really nice to learn a bit more about the real basics, such as how to run more efficiently, how to use different running paces (I honestly thought I had only one pace: slow) and how to prevent injuries. The course is in Danish, but I’m pretty sure it could be in English too!

NBRO Running Crew

On Thursday I often run with the NBRO running crew. Primarily because this is the day when they train intervals and I feel that this is the only training I can keep up with for now. Here you can find their schedule and most of the other days they run with a pace between 4:30 and 5:30 p/km. People of all ages run with NBRO, but in general they all are fanatics and fast runners. On the other hand we have our love for Nike in common.


Every Sunday until May 2014 Sparta (the local athletics club) organises a long-distance run as marathon group training. With groups that pace everything from 4:15 til 6:30. The trainings are free to join and on your way you’re even provided with something to drink! I joined them last Sunday for their run and ran 9.5 as my schedule required and it’s a really nice way to run some longer distances in a group with great (mental) support.

With love,