Friløbet II

As you might remember, I ran a 10k run a couple of weeks ago. In an attempt to be the next ridiculously photogenic runner I tried my best to when bumping into the photographers… Well I got send my pictures this week and out of 12 pictures, I have my eyes closed in 3 and […]


I absolutely hate running: I’m slow, I have no stamina and I detest the feeling of being in a constant state of uncomfortableness… I can even remember hating those days in high school, where we had to run 1k during P.E. and that I would even make up the lamest excuses to not run.. But […]

Friløbet: 10K Run Through Copenhagen

After participating in the biggest 5k DHL estafette run (which I finished in 31 minutes) together with some coworkers (and 120.000 other runners) I was amazed about how far you can push yourself if you really want to. 5k in 31 minutes might not be a big achievement for you, but running is definitely not […]

Nike Marathon Start Up

So with way too much confidence I started on the Nike Marathon Start Up yesterday. I had no idea if I could do it and in addition I hadn’t really ran in a week or 2. My knee started to act up like an old woman every time I walk down the staircase (and honestly […]