I was born (in 1987) and raised in the Hague, the Netherlands. Followed my heart and moved to Copenhagen in the Spring of 2012.

Random Facts About Me (which definitely will enrich your life)
– I have lived in Singapore and Helsinki (opposites attract?)
– I have a master’s degree in Finance & Investments
– With minus 6 in the left eye and minus 5.5 in the right eye I’m almost legally blind
– The NYC marathon has been on my bucket list for at least the last 10 years
– Growing up we had 2 cats and a dog and till this day still think that’s the perfect pet combination
– I run extremely slow and rather like to enjoy the view
– Pictures of great food I ate kinda make me happy
– Besides English, Dutch and Danish I also speak Cantonese
– While I certainly appreciate a good glass (or bottle) of wine, I have no knowledge about wine

With love

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