Antwerp has always been my favorite go-to when you’re fed up with your own city. As a kid I used to go there with my dad, to wonder around the city (me shopping, him waiting) and have some mussels cooked in white wine. So on my last trip back to the Netherlands, I also decided to grant Antwerp a visit and I can tell you it was more than amazing, because of…


THIS. While I’m really impressed by all the new shops in Antwerp (Forever 21 and especially Brandy Melville) and their sale, I didn’t buy anything at all. But I surely compensated for drinks. On the “Groenplaats” square (close to American Apparel) we stumbled upon a food market, how can you not love life when you get surprised by amazing wine, oysters, chacuterie and food? We started our walk with two glasses of rosé champagne.


To continue to some oysters, they were the best I’ve had during our entire trip! They were so good that I actually ordered a second plate… And only common sense retained me from ordering a third.


And as dinner I had some rice with mushrooms in tomato sauce and the boyfriend had potatoes in cream and cheese. It was beyond delicious.



Obviously after all that food, I wanted some more food. So we finished the day with some beers and charcuterie. Honestly, a day couldn’t be better than this day! Food and wine, really? What more can you wish for?


Well all of that amazing food and wine in sunshine!


When we walked back to the car we bumped into a skate night. Can somebody fly me to Antwerp tomorrow please?

With love,

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