Cafe Europe 1989 – Amagertorv 1

I try to avoid the restaurant and cafe’s that are in the tourist located areas: you get overcharged, the food is never really that exciting and being a foreigner myself I rather indulge myself in Danish atmospheres..

But after doing some shopping without a solid breakfast, and I know you’ve felt like this before too, you just can’t find the energy and power to find that cute little pearl in Copenhagen city.. So I ended up in Cafe Europe 1989 in the middle of downtown CPH..

Luckily, it wasn’t as crowded as it normally is and it has a paris kind of feeling inside. I didn’t expected too much from the food, but actually the chicken ryebread burger (with advocado and tzatziki) was pretty darn good! BUT: I don’t think I will come back here: a juice costed 59 dkk (about 8 EUR) and for that kind of money I might as well go to Joe and the Juice and get a (heavenly) Arth Away (apple juice, spinace and pineapple..). AND to share a dish you have to pay an extra 20 dkk, which I think is ridiculous! So next time, I’m gonna get myself together and just try to find that little cute cafe that has good food, good prices and no tourists 😉

With love,

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