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Hi guys,

It has been awfully quiet on my blog for the last couple of weeks for several reasons. I’m really dissatisfied with my blog lay-out and have been trying to change it, but then stopped again because I didn’t had any inspiration and time to finish it all… So if you know or are somebody that knows their way around wordpress, hit the comment box! I have also been quit busy with working. But I missed you guys, so I thought I’d just put up some of the pictures that were on my iPhone…

I have been selling all my old clothing and shoes at a fleamarket. It was the first time I have ever done it, but it feels so good to get rid of your own shit and make some place for new things.



Which I obviously did by getting a new pair of Air Max 97, I used to own these as a 10 year old girl in elementary school and they make me feel as cool as they did back then! I also got me a pair of red timberlands and they look amazeballs with a pair of black skinny jeans.


I went to Croatia for the weekend to visit my friends who just moved to the capital Zagreb.


The food and wine is AMAZING and CHEAP, it honestly makes sense to just buy a plane ticket and eat and drink like a madmen and you’ll be still using less money than a weekend in Copenhagen..


We went to the Electronic Beats Festival, where a vodka cranberry only costed 2 euro’s (15kr). In Denmark you would easily pay about 6 to 10 euro’s for anything with hard liquor..


We ended the night at McDonals. That BigMac was the best meal I’ve had, ever…

With love,

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Wishlist: Rains

RAINS – Escape From the City from RAINS on Vimeo.

While I’m really hoping that we will be blessed with just one more warm week (or at least warm enough to take a dip in the harbor), I’m also looking forward to a new fall wardrobe. Top on my wish list is a poncho by RAINS. I don’t do umbrella’s, I don’t even own one and I don’t even mind to get wet that much when it rains. However, my make-up and clothing definitely disagree with this mindset and a raincoat would come in handy.

RAINS is a Danish company that creates a modern version of the classic quality raincoat and while a 100 euro (699 DKK) isn’t (in my opinion) exactly cheap, it will be cheaper than buying a new umbrella every time you lost one.


This is (for now) my favorite one, so nobody can miss me in the rain ­čśë

With love,

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Sample Sales Copenhagen

Hey cuties,

It’s like there’s a sample sale about every weekend over here in Copenhagen! Here are my favorite upcoming events, happy shopping!





With love,

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City Guide: Copenhagen ÔÇô Where to Shop


This is the last Copenhagen Guide post (for now) about all the shopping hotspots in Copenhagen. You can find my favorite restaurants here and my favorite places here! Hit the comment box, if you have any questions regarding a visit to Copenhagen! My blog is highly biased to the inner-city, because I live there myself. But there are some amazing shops in Vesterbro and N├Şrrebro too!

Copenhagen is a great city for shopping, however your wallet isn’t gonna like it! For Italian high street brands such as Zara, I recommend you to skip this in Copenhagen: the Danish Kroner to Euro ratio is not in your advantage, therefor most high street brands are more expensive in kroner than in euro (sad face). However, there are great Scandinavian brands which are hard to find in the rest of Europe and of course there is the notorious “Danish Design”!



Wood Wood, Gr├Şnnegade 1, 1107 K├Şbenhavn K, website

Wood Wood used to be more of a street wear shop, but the last couple of seasons they have shifted more to a high-end concept store. They sell great brands such as Kenzo, Commes des Garcons and ofcourse their own brand.

Storm, Store Regnegade 1, 1110 K├Şbenhavn K, website

Copenhagen’s concept store, they sell a lot of crazy expensive goodies such as Celine, Balmain and Givenchy. My favorite is their beauty department where they among others sel Diptyque. Definitely a must visit when you like shops such as Colette in Paris.

Christian Louboutin, Gr├Şnnegade 6, 1107 K├Şbenhavn K

Do I need to explain more? Cute little shop, filled with shoes to die for…

Birger Christensen, ├śstergade 38, 1100 K├Şbenhavn K, website

At Birger Christensen you will find traditional high end brands such as Celine, Givenchy, and Maison Martin Margiela! To be honest, this is a bit more of a “window-shopping” kind of boutique for me, but they sure sell pretty stuff!

Marc Jacobs, Christian den IX Gade 3-5, Denmark 1111 K├Şbenhavn K

I love my Marc Jacobs iPhone holder and you can find it in their store!

Acne Studios, Pilestr├Žde 40, website

Who doesn’t loves Scandinavian design? At Acne’s Studios you can find all their mighty fine shoes and jackets (my favorite), while getting impressed by the shops interior.

Holly Golightly Clothing, Moentergade 5, 1116 K├Şbenhavn K, website
Holly Golightly Shoes & Accessories, St. Regnegade 2, 1110 K├Şbenhavn K

At Holly Golightly you van find brands such as Balanciaga, Proenza Schouler and Rick Owen. The above shops are all in walking distance from each other, so great to combine (if your wallet is big enough at least).

Pedde & Stoffer, Klosterstr├Žde 15, 1157 K├Şbenhavn K, website

At Pedde & Stoffer you can find more of the young high-end brands, such as Isabel Marant, Opening Ceremony, and T by Alexander Wang.

B56, Bredgade 56, 1260 K├Şbenhavn K, website

B56 is cofounded by Stephanie Gundelach, one of the girls behind Denmark’s biggest fashion blog She and her mom own the place and they have a great sense of trends. You can find heaps of Danish brands such as Stine Goya and Wackerhaus.



Norse Projects, Pilestr├Žde 41, 1112 K├Şbenhavn K, website

Norse Projects is known for their minimalistic design, great basics made from good quality. In their shop they also sell other brands such as A.P.C. and Woolrich. Great shop to show the boyfriend.

Le Fix, Kronprinsensgade 9B, 1114 K├Şbenhavn K, website

Le Fix has a great selection of men streetwear which has a selection somewhere between minimalistic Scandinavian design and Britisch hooligans. The guys working there are really helpful (which is actually quite a refreshing attitude, for Copenhagen’s standards). They sell their own brand and also brand such as Barbour and Stone Island. Definitely go visit, even as girl, because they also have some great accessories. And hey, who said we can’t wear a mens sweater?!

S for Sneakers, Pilestr├Žde 52, 1112 K├Şbenhavn K, website

Running is HOT in Copenhagen, it seems like everybody is doing it. Which results that there are some great running gear shops. S for Sneakers is something in between the traditional (boring) running shop and quickstrike sneaker shop. They have an amazing assortment of running clothing from brands such as Nike and Puma: Jordan’s, those extra colorful pants or a N.B.A. jersey is what you can find here.

Naked, Pilestr├Žde 46, 1112 K├Şbenhavn K, website
Naked, Klosterstr├Žde 10, 1157 K├Şbenhavn K

Denmark’s largest supplier of sneakers for women, here you can find everything in girl sizes from Nike, Adidas and many more.

Rezet, R├ądhusstr├Žde 7, 1466 K├Şbenhavn K, website

Another sneakershop, who also sells a small collection of clothing. They sell all the big Sneaker brands (Nike, Puma, Reebok, Adidas).

Flavour, Skindergade 19, 1159 K├Şbenhavn K, website

Flavour is a two-floor shop, where the topfloor sells more sophisticated menswear. On the lower level you van find their street wear collection.



Everybody knows these brands, so I just listed them for you. You can find all their branches on the link to their website.

Monki, website
Weekday, website
Gina Tricot, website
Topshop, website
Urban Outfitters, Ostergade 42B, 1100 Kobenhavn, website
& Other Stories, Amagertorv 29, 1160 Copenhagen, website
COS, ├śstergade 33, 1100 Copenhagen K, website



Line & Jo, Gothersgade 31, 1123 K├Şbenhavn K, website

Line & Jo is my favorite Danish jewelry brand. Their style is “tough”, but always refined with a feminine touch.

Jane K├Şning, Gothersgade 54, 1123 K├Şbenhavn K, website

Jane K├Şning’s jewelry are minimalistic and romantic at the same time. Their Love tag is their most known item.

Maria Black, Silkegade 13, 1113 Copenhagen K, website

Maria Black jewelry always has a sort of outer space feeling, a lot of oxidized goods with alienated forms.



Hay, ├śstergade 61, (2nd-3rd floor), 1100 K├Şbenhavn K, website

Hay is my favorite Danish interior brand. It is something in between Ikea (affordable) and Danish design (only affordable when you’ve won the lottery): all of their products have the minimalistic signature and always in happy colors.

Illums Bolighus, Amagertorv 10 1160 K├Şbenhavn, website

If you won that lottery Illums Bolighus will the place the splurge your money. This 3 floor interior department store literally sells EVERYTHING you van wish for. On the ground level, they sell a lot of cute interior items where on the top levels you can find their furniture collection. Even if you didn’t win the lottery, it is a great shop to wander around and absorb Danish design.

I hope you enjoyed my posts about Copenhagen and feel welcome to contact me if you have any other questions!

With love,
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Happy (Belated) Birthday to Me


Hello blogosphere!

It has been a bit quiet here, but I have had a crazy couple of weeks! I had my final exam for my Danish education this week and last Thursday was my 26th birthday. It might be the first year that I thought “hmm, I’m getting old..” I had a great day though! My sister and brother from another mother came to visit me in Copenhagen and we spend the day in Tivoli (amusement park). We had the best weather and we literally took a nap in the afternoon sun. We finished our night with a 12 course dinner and some fantastic wine, I will post some of the food pictures later this week.


I love to celebrate my birthday, because I love presents ­čśÄ These are all the wonderful gifts I received so far. My mom gave me the cutest birthday outfit from Zara and my dad gave me a Canon pancake lens (review is on its way) and some Mac brushes (haha, can you imagine this 60+ dad in a Mac store, totally lost in eyeshadow and blush). On days like this, I really miss hanging out with my parents. Obviously, I also had a (mini) period of being a rebel when I was younger. But these days I really enjoy being in their company, shopping with my mom or driving somewhere with my dad. So thanks lovely parents for being awesome!

My sister gifted me a new hairdryer, now there’s really no excuse to get some more volume in my hair. While I love make-up, I normally think my hair is just a burden. So for this summer, I’m really planning to (at least) try to blow dry my hair a bit more into shape!

The Nike short and Mac blush (from the in extra dimension collection) where little gifts to myself ­čśÄ


My sister and brother-from-another-mother also gave me this mug from Starbucks, so I will never forget where I came from ­čśë


Isn’t it a beauty? It is a blush and highlighter in one, with a consistency between liquid and powder. Normally I don’t really like glitter on my face and my every-day make-up is as matte as possible, but I definitely like this product on a tanned skin!


These were the brushes my dad picked out for me, my goal is to own all Mac brush (okay not all, but most) out there.


And last, but certainly not least, the boyfriend surprised me with some nice sneakers! These fly-knits are extremely comfortable, but so pretty that I actually don’t even want to use them to run in! They will match great with some summer skirts and dresses or even a boyfriend jeans.

With love,
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