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Anna dello Russo x H&M

Yesterday I was invited for the pre-launch of the Anna dello Russo collection at H&M. And you know me, when there’s free champagne I’m in!

I actually forgot/didn’t wanted to make pictures of the event. The H&M at Amagertorv was filled with teenage girls with DSLR and I didn’t felt to add to the statistics 😎 So yes, I’m just gonna use the PR pictures..

I wasn’t really impressed by the collection to be honest, it’s a whole bunch of gold and in addition, I thought the collection was extremely overpriced (between 50-100 euro’s for a necklace) and perhaps a bit too flashy for my like..

But it was nice too go to the pre-launch, drinks some champagne with my friend and chit chat in the H&M Home section of the shop. Anyways, if you see anything you like the collection dropped into the shops today all through Europe!

With love,

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