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Our Copenhagen Home


Besides some pictures from when I just moved to Copenhagen in 2012 (here and here) I never showed you guys where I live with the boyfriend. I think it’s quite nice to see how other people/bloggers live, to get some inspiration and new ideas. Growing up in Holland my parents didn’t really cared that much about interior design, but living in Copenhagen, you kinda get forced into the “hype”. It really is nothing like a hype, Danish design really is part of Danish culture and everybody on all different layers of the social ladder find it important to invest in some nice furniture that will last for generations.

We currently live in a 3 room apartment in the city centre in an old warehouse that has been renovated. I love that our kitchen is the heart of the apartment, which makes it a great place to talk with the boyfriend while making food (although I usually watch a serie, while he’s finishing up work). We received a lot of the boyfriend parents’ (and grandmother’s) old furniture, which creates a nice mixture of modern and traditional. The staircase goes to a little loft where we have some couches, a fatboy and our tv, but to be honest we don’t go there too often since it’s only 1.5 meter high so it’s a pain to walk around. But it’s great for Sunday-Chilldays! Besides our bedroom (where you can find a little hint to our crazy time in Rotterdam) we have a little extra room that we use as office, but it also functions as  our drying/ironing/shoe-depot/guest room.








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How to Fold Fitted Sheet

NOTE: This post might contain an awful lot of house wife information 😎

While I hate to clean the house, I absolutely love to tidy up (yes, there’s a big difference between the two). So with all our guest gone and no new guests on the planning (yet), it’s time to move all our guest stuff down to the basement. So between all the blankets, pillows, and air-bed there’s one item I hate the most: the fitted sheet. Normally I kinda just roll it into a ball and hope for the best. But this time I decided I needed some Martha Steward to help me out and it actually worked!


This was my final result and while probably most of you wont understand, for a near OCD person like me it’s really satisfying to see such a neat folded sheet 😛

How do you fold your sheets?

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Sample Sales Copenhagen

Hey cuties,

It’s like there’s a sample sale about every weekend over here in Copenhagen! Here are my favorite upcoming events, happy shopping!





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Interior Decoration

(source: Philosofine)

The boyfriend and I have been living together for about a year now and we have completely different taste regarding pretty much everything interior. I like things to be funny, comfy and bubbly (not to confuse with girly tho..) and he likes everything modern.

So last week when we dropped by the creative flea-market Finders Keepers we couldn’t agree on any of the illustrations that were sold. I liked the illustration of the big fluffy bear who dressed up, the boyfriend liked the graphic illustration of a minx – our relationship in a nutshell…

(source: Michelle Carlslund Illustrations)

(source: 215)

I kid you not, we walked through the entire venue 3 times to find something we both agreed on. And we finally did, on a piece that I actually already fell in love with a couple of weeks ago when it hit the blogosphere. It is a poster from Kort Kartellet of the district (inner city) where we live. A lot of Danish youngsters/hipsters don’t like the district because it’s quite and there are not a lot of clubs to go to, but I love it: there are heaps of shops close by, Kongens Have (the most beautiful park) is literally only 5 minutes away and there are tons of nice routes to run.


We haven’t found a spot yet, but I kind dig the first picture of this blog with all the districts on one wall. But with a tag price from 400 kr (50 euro) to 600 kr (80 euro) I need to save up a bit first (and stop buying all the kitchen appliances/tools) 😉 I definitely added the Copenhagen poster on my wish list!

Finders Keepers is a great place to find bargains on Danish furniture, art and clothing from young designers often straight from art academies. There’s also a bunch of bloggers that sold their old stuff, but I always find it a bit hard to really find something special in a bundle of 2nd hand stuff. On their website you can find great inspiration from all the sellers and most of the things are also on sale online!

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Fall Things


I’m a Summer kind of gawl: the shorts, the flip-flops, the no make-up, the tanning… BUT one thing that I love and adore (and probably the only thing I have missed) about Fall is putting candles in our apartment! This is how our dinner table looks like these days with a.o. a candle holder from HAY, some candles from Ikea, Rituals and Iittalla, and of course some Halloween decoration!

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