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Sephora Denmark First Birthday

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Sephora has already been in Denmark for a year and to celebrate they will add a new brand to their assortment. The much hyped NARS will finally be available from next weekend on and many of the other brands will have celebration promotions too.

Check their facebook event for more information.

The activities will be hold on Thursday 30th of May (10-20), Friday 31st of May (17-19), and Saturday 1st of June (15-17).

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Happy (Belated) Birthday to Me


Hello blogosphere!

It has been a bit quiet here, but I have had a crazy couple of weeks! I had my final exam for my Danish education this week and last Thursday was my 26th birthday. It might be the first year that I thought “hmm, I’m getting old..” I had a great day though! My sister and brother from another mother came to visit me in Copenhagen and we spend the day in Tivoli (amusement park). We had the best weather and we literally took a nap in the afternoon sun. We finished our night with a 12 course dinner and some fantastic wine, I will post some of the food pictures later this week.


I love to celebrate my birthday, because I love presents 😎 These are all the wonderful gifts I received so far. My mom gave me the cutest birthday outfit from Zara and my dad gave me a Canon pancake lens (review is on its way) and some Mac brushes (haha, can you imagine this 60+ dad in a Mac store, totally lost in eyeshadow and blush). On days like this, I really miss hanging out with my parents. Obviously, I also had a (mini) period of being a rebel when I was younger. But these days I really enjoy being in their company, shopping with my mom or driving somewhere with my dad. So thanks lovely parents for being awesome!

My sister gifted me a new hairdryer, now there’s really no excuse to get some more volume in my hair. While I love make-up, I normally think my hair is just a burden. So for this summer, I’m really planning to (at least) try to blow dry my hair a bit more into shape!

The Nike short and Mac blush (from the in extra dimension collection) where little gifts to myself 😎


My sister and brother-from-another-mother also gave me this mug from Starbucks, so I will never forget where I came from 😉


Isn’t it a beauty? It is a blush and highlighter in one, with a consistency between liquid and powder. Normally I don’t really like glitter on my face and my every-day make-up is as matte as possible, but I definitely like this product on a tanned skin!


These were the brushes my dad picked out for me, my goal is to own all Mac brush (okay not all, but most) out there.


And last, but certainly not least, the boyfriend surprised me with some nice sneakers! These fly-knits are extremely comfortable, but so pretty that I actually don’t even want to use them to run in! They will match great with some summer skirts and dresses or even a boyfriend jeans.

With love,
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Girl Crush: Adrianne Ho



The Canadian Adrianne Ho was born to a Chinese father and a French mother and is the new “it” girl in streetwear and lifestyle. You will rarely see her without a pair of Nike sneakers and a Supreme beanie. That’s exactly what I think is so cool about her: she promotes a healthy lifestyle and is cute as a button!









She is the new face for the Spring/Summer 2013 Stussy lookbook and how amazing do these pictures look?! They definitely make a girl wanna get some new gear and hit the street 😉

“Unfortunately” her instagram is primarily used for showcasing her photo shoots. I would have loved to see a bit more about her daily sport routine. But those eyebrows definitely make up for that 😉

With love,

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Inspiring people: Nirimmi Joy Firebrace


Where to start? The 20-year-old Nirimmi Joy Firebrace (even her name is amazeballs) is the youngest fashion photographer ever signed to an agency. She shot a Diesel campaign in 2010 (when she was 17) and a Billabong campaign at age 18. She is the proud momma of Alba (1 year old) and deliberately choose to become a parent at such a young age. She and her lover (whom she has been with since age 14) live a bohemian life while travelling all continents. She seems to be a real passionate artist (in every aspect of the definition, the positive and the negative) and besides her gorgeous pictures, I also love her dreamy writing style (see: biography).

I love her vision on life, even though it might be 180 degrees different from my own life. She lives her life with the idea of only needing as much as food, a roof above her head and her camera. She dropped out of high-school to become an artist and she definitely succeeded for her young age. Her blog The Road is Home is definitely worth a visit!





All pictures are from The Road is Home. Isn’t she gorgeous?! Most of these pictures are made by her boyfriend M, but go to her blog to see more of her own editorials!

With love,

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Girl Crush: Chrissy Teigen


I have a major girl crush on Chrissy Teigen after bumping in to her instagram! The half Thai/half Norwegian (raised in the States) is besides SI model also John Legend’s fiance.


The long-legged babe also has her own bikini line! And did I already told you that she’s also a VS model?


But what I think is pretty awesome about her are her love notes to alcohol and dirty jokes on twitter and instagram! But that’s not all: so doesn’t only looks amazeballs, has a good sense of humor, but she’s also a foodie!



On she blogs about her culinary adventures and it looks like she’s a pretty darn good chef!

Oh and here is where she lives… At least the kitchen is being used 😎

With love,

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