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Madrid: La Cesta

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 19.59.09

Madrid seems to been ages ago, but the city really conquered a place into my heart! The first night I booked a table at La Cesta and was already overwhelmed by happiness to see that the first table was available from 20.30 and the last table at 23.30! I found the restaurant after a review on the blog My Little Madrid and it specially attracted me because of their vision” “A creative menu, offering delicate, tasty, natural and uncomplicated dishes which avoid pretention and over-sophistication. Not divided into starters or main courses, and nothing over €20.” and to top it off because of their dream-team in the kitchen (two Michelin stars and three Repsol sun).

To be honest, when we arrived I wasn’t really impressed by their entrance, but luckily their main restaurant looked a lot better. Nice and colorful and with a table at 20.30 (which is late for both Dutch and Danish standards..) we were the first to arrive. This was a bit akward, but our stomachs definitely couldn’t wait any longer! We weren’t sure what to order, so we started with some starters and they were HEAVEN, pure HEAVEN. So we decided to go for the entire menu. This ended up to be a bit too much, but I can reassure you that every single bite we had was just amazing. Amazing food and amazing wine: what else can a girl ask for?

I can imagine that the restaurant is a bit more expensive for Spanish standards, but we paid around 130 euro for an amazing meal with a bunch of wine, so for Danish standards it was actually a “normal” price with outstanding food and wine. Oh yeah and before I forget: the service was also more than amazing, definite recommendation! Take me back to this place 😉







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Madrid: Mercado de San Miguel


With an early flight to Madrid, we arrived to the city around noon and I can tell you: this makes you hungry! Well to be honest, pretty much everything makes me hungry, so after we dumped our stuff at the hotel it was time for lunch! Luckily our hotel was a walking distance from Mercado de San Miguel, which reminded me a lot of Copenhagen’s own Torvehallerne only with a lot more tapas and A LOT cheaper (think: 1 euro per tapa). It was like heaven for me and I ran around like a chicken without a head buying everything I wanted to try, to the amusement of the boyfriend which thought I fitted in quite well with all the Chinese tourists. The place is a bit touristy (a lot of pushing and pulling) but I would still recommend it: who doesn’t want’s to eat oysters, cheap tapas and have a Sangria?











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PatéPaté: Slagterboderne 1


PatéPaté is located in the hip and happening meatpacking district. You can visit the place for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just for a nice glass of wine at any time of the day. They serve food inspired from France, Spain and Morocco and overall it is a really laid-back restaurant with good food. The restaurant turns into a bar at night, but unlike most other places in the meatpacking district, there is more life performance than canned beer, so you don’t have to expect any drunk 16 year olds.

I visited the restaurant a couple of months ago (shame on me, to only blog about it now) and was really impressed how cosy the place is without being pretentious. While I love myself some Danish Design and Scandinavian minimalism, sometimes I just want a no-nonsense place with good wine and amazing food and PatéPaté is a place like that. Price wise you get a good deal, with main courses around 25 euro, but almost more importantly it is a place where you can sit for hours with friends and philosophize about life.

Seeing these pictures, I really mis Summer, and being able to make pictures without flash at 8/9 in the evening.

As always, don’t forget to make a reservation, but if you don’t manage to find a table PatéPaté is part of a “chain” (see: website). They also have a couple of really cosy wine bars, I can also highly recommend Bibendum at Nansensgade!










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Ida Davidsen – Store Kongensgade 70


The draft-box is filled with pictures without stories of amazing restaurants that I have been visiting over the last couple of months. I do appreciate my eating out way too much, if you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen hard proof of that.


These pictures, even though there are only a couple, have been waiting a while for some additional words. Ida Davidson is known for her traditional Smørrebrød and I have passed by her restaurant a good bunch of times, without ever going in. Somehow the restaurant is not really appealing from the outside and on top of that, they are closed in the weekend. However, when my sister and brother from another mother were in town I wanted to show them some traditional food.


And we all LOVED the food, the place is nothing fancy. It sure is cosy, but it is a place where you go for the food. Under this pile of heavenly steak tartar is a piece of rybread hidden and all the ingredient are fresh and tasty. When you enter the restaurant, you’re being welcomed by a whole counter filled with different kinds of smørrebrød (which thinking of it, I should have made a picture of).


I honestly get hungry again from seeing these pictures. Ida Davidson is a great recommendation if you want to try some traditional Danish food, only minor critique is that the place is pretty expensive. The dishes are somewhere between 10 and 20 euro’s, so with a big group (or your lover) it can be an expensive lunch! However, when in Rome, do as the Romans do…

With love,

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Copenhagen Cooking


As you could read yesterday, I love food. And Copenhagen is one of the best culinary cities to live in. Why you ask me? There are some amazing restaurants in the city and heaps of culinary events throughout the year.

From the 23rd of August till the 1st September Copenhagen Cooking is back in town, so this means 2 weeks of amazing events. Some take place in restaurants and other are arranged outside in a more food fair style. There are two events that I’m most looking forward to:


Singapore Street Food Festival

As you might know, my dad was born and raised in Singapore and moved to Holland when he was 21 years old. While he could handle the climate change, he always missed (and still misses) the Singaporean hawker centre street food. If you have ever been to Singapore, you know that even for us Westerners you can easily buy food in Singapore from the street without getting sick (I wouldn’t advice to do this in any other Asian country, unless you have a strong stomach). So while my dad makes Singaporean food when he feels homesick (or whenever I ask him to), I actually miss my dad’s food a lot since I moved to Copenhagen. Singaporean food remembers me a lot to “home” and even when I actually lived in Singapore, I could eat a bowl of laksa (see picture, must be my favorite dish) to get rid of any feelings of homesickness. So you can imagine how THRILLED I am for the Singapore Street Food Festival in the hipster district Vesterbro. I might be the hardest judge, but I’m really looking forward to eat a bite of home!


Nordic Taste

Another event I am looking forward to is Nordic Taste, during this event several different restaurants, hotels, but also farmers are presenting a small plate of pure heaven. You can buy a 10-dishes clip card and try out everything that looks interesting. I went to this event last year to and while the crowd are mostly consisting of pensionista’s I really enjoyed myself with the food and a glass of wine.

Are there any events you will be joining?

With love,

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