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City Guide: Copenhagen – Where to Eat


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Copenhagen is a heaven for foodies, however it sure can be the enemy of your wallet. There are a 13 (!) Michelin star restaurants in the city, with Noma (former best restaurant of the world) on top. Sure this is nice if you have about 500 euro to splurge on one night, but (unfortunately) this is not my reality. A succeeded holiday for me includes eating at cute, local restaurants/cafees that are not filled up with tourists or screaming kids and are far away from the main street. Little gems, that you coincidentally find on your way. Well, that’s where I come into place 😉 I recommend you to STAY AWAY from the tourist hotspots like RizRaz and Jensen’s Bøfhus (or pretty much everything where there’s a dinner buffet), you might be tempted by the cheaper prices, but I think it’s worth to spend that 10 euro more on your final bill and to eat somewhere cosy. Here’s a list with my favorite places to eat!

NOTE: I would definitely recommend to book a table in advance, you can usually do this on the restaurant’s website. Do expect several no’s when you just walk in without a reservation!



All over the city you can find these hotdog stands and you have to try them! You have different variations, but I would suggest the “ristet hotdog med det hele” (toasted hotdog with everything). It’s a great little snack, for when you’re saving some belly-space for a nice restaurant later on.


Another snack place is Paradis Is, you can find them all over the city and they have great italian is. I love the design of the brand and also the fact that their ice cream is without artificial coloring or flavoring. The different flavors are daily home-made and my favorite is the Ferrero Rocher!




Torvehallerne, Frederiksborggade 21, 1360 København K, website

I already wrote about Torvehallerne in my Copenhagen – What To Do post, but it’s definitely worth another mentioning. It is a great place to have a little lunch on your way, I do it almost on a weekly basis. I would recommend the city’s best sandwhich (google translate the link), which is a generous French duck sandwich with a mustard dressing. The sandwich costs 55 kr (7 euro) and is actually big enough to share.


Tolboden, Nordre Toldbod 24 1259 København, website

Toldboden is a place I visit a lot during the Summer, you can visit it for a quick-lunch on your way to the little mermaid or like me: sit there for hours in the sun with a great view over the harbour. Their vision is to work with local and seasonal products, so everything is fresh and Danish. I love their seafood grill menu and I have heard great things about their brunch, which is open every Saturday and Sunday, with a seating at 10 and 12. It’s not cheap, 225 kr (30 euro), but that’s unfortunately what you can expect of Copenhagen.


Aamanns, Øster Farimagsgade 12, 2100 København Ø, website

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. So when you’re in Copenhagen, you must simply try smørrebrød: the famous Danish open-faced sandwich. Aamanns is one of the best smørrebrød restaurant the city has to offer. The menu features a seasonal selection of meats including braised pork breast, beef tartare, free range pork pate, chicken salad and roast beef sirloin; as well as seafood such as sugar-salted salmon, pan-fried white fish, fresh peeled shrimp, and herring prepared in three distinct ways. Each piece of smørrebrød will be dressed with a seasonally rotating variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts and light, homemade sauces sourced locally and inspired by traditional Danish smørrebrød recipes.

You can find my review post about Aamanns here!

But not to worry: in case you didn’t manage to book a table at Aamanns in time, there are some great alternatives:

– Ida Davidsen, Store Kongensgade 70, 1274 København K, website
Only open on weekdays from 10 – 17, one of the most famous, but expect prices from 10 to 20 euro per sandwich.
– SlotskĂŚlderen hos Gitte Kik v/ Frank Due, FortunstrĂŚde 4, 1065 København K, website
A real authentic place, where you have to add a snaps (alcoholic shot) to your sandwich.



Famo 51, Gl.Kongevej 51, 1610 Copenhagen V, website

Famo 51 might be my all time favorite Copenhagen restaurant. It is a small place, with an a-typical interior, you might even just pass by it without noticing. But it contains everything that I demand from the perfect dinner: the service is great and the food is amazing. There is a daily 5 course menu, which is composed according to season with a focus on only the best produce from Denmark and Italy. They even import their own cheeses, vegetables, sausages from Italy! A menu costs 400 kr (50 euro) and every Friday their daily menu contains only of fish and shell-fish. Oh and before I forget they are Michelin Bib-Gourmand awarded!


Madklubben, several branches, website

Madklubben is the “cheap” version of new Nordisk food. It is a chain with 6 different restaurants, but every branch lives up to the same philosophy: cheap no-nonsense food (one course costs 100 kr (13 euro), 2 courses 150 kr (20 euro), 3 courses – 200 kr (26 euro) and 4 courses for 250 kr (33 euro) and Danish designed interior. The quality of the food might be variable and the restaurant is always really packed (expect that your neighbor is sitting 5 cm away from you), but besides that: it is a great way to experience some nice food for a more reasonable price. It is a must to book a table in advance!


Mother, Høkerboderne 9 – 15, 1712 København K,

Mother is located in the meat-packing district and it’s always filled with people. Their pizza’s are AMAZING and not too expensive! A pizza cost around 100 kr (13 euro), and I really can’t explain how good they are. They aim to bring really good simple soul food, where seasonal ingredients are combined with directly sourced artisan products from Italy. Their anti-pasti is worth ordering, as is their gorgonzola pizza with spicy salami. Same as all the above, making a reservation is a must.


Cock’s & Cows, Gammel Strand 44, 1202 København K, website

Cock’s & Cows is a great place for a chill night with the boys before heading to town, they have pretty amazing burgers and if you book a table after 9 you get your cocktails double up! The burgers are humongous and if you want to have some place for the french fries, you might think about ordering the burger without the bun. The chilly fries are a recommendation!

Hit this to read my review posts about Cock’s & Cows!


Pluto, Borgergade 16, 1300 København K, website

Pluto is another cute restaurant that has been a big hit ever since they opened earlier this year. On their menu there are several small dishes and they recommend 3 or 4 per person. But the great thing about this is, especially for an indecisive food-person like me, is that you can just share the dishes with the table so you can have a bite of everything! Their “holy grail” is the family menu, which costs 450 kr per person (60 euro), but for this amount you’ll get a stunning amount of 12 dishes!

Obviously, I haven’t tried all restaurants in Copenhagen (yet). The following are restaurants, I still would love to try:
Noma (but for this I have to win the lotto first)
Kiin Kiin (the first Asian Michelin restaurant, outside of Asia)
Kødbyens Fiskebaren (because Fish, what not to love?)
Retour (because it looks darn cute from the outside!

With love,

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Pastis – Oude Molstraat 57 (the Hague)


First of all, sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures (blame it on the red wine). I only realized, when I checked the pictures at home, how unclear and dark they are (and I’m to lazy to edit them). But anyways, I still want to share them with you!

Whenever I’m back in the Netherlands, I tend to go to the same restaurants over and over again. While here in Copenhagen, as a “newbie” in town, I make a real effort of finding cute and cosy restaurants. So during the Easter holiday I was really determined to find something cute in the Hague too!

And boy did I succeed! Pastis is a cute French dinner, in the same street as ‘t Hof van Eten (told you that the Hofkwartier district was awesome!). Initially I couldn’t find the place and walked passed it, thinking “hmm, here I have to go a next time” to find out that it was actually the place I made a reservation for!


Everything in the restaurant, from menu till interior is Paris based and it definitely feels like a holiday within a holiday! The boyfriend ordered a Steak frites sauce Béarnaise ou beurre maître d’hôtel and it was like how the French meant it to be! Juicy with a no-nonsense attitude.


I ordered a steak tartare ÂŤspĂŠcialitĂŠ maisonÂť frites et salade verte and what is better than a piece of steak? Raw pieces of steak! Everything came already seasoned, but for the spice lovers it came with some tabasco and worcestershire sauce. The fries and mayo are also TO DIE FOR.


I’m always a bit afraid when you order a bottle of wine, without looking at the wine card. Not because I have such a great knowledge about wine (I’m pretty much a “I like it/I don’t like it” kind of girl), but more because you don’t wanna end up spending 50% of the final bill on the wine. Luckily most bottles at Pastis cost around 20-30 euro and they are pretty decent too!

This is definitely my favorite restaurant in the Hague and I can’t wait to try out their mussels too!

With love,

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‘t Hof van Eten – Oude Molstraat 30D (the Hague)


During Easter break I visited my family and friend in the Netherlands again. One of the perks of travelling back to the Netherlands is that going out for lunch/dinner is a lot cheaper there than here in Copenhagen!

I visited ‘t Hof van Eten in the “hofkwartier” district of the Hague. This is one of the cuter districts in the Hague’s inner city with a lot of really nice and more exclusive shops and restaurants.

The restaurant is known for their price winning sandwiches and I can tell you they are darn good!


This piece of heaven came with chorizo, manchego, Spanish paprika-garlic chutney and cappers.


The pictures make me hungry again! This sandwich was topped with smoked rib-eye, spinach, boiled egg, green aspurges, cherry tomato’s and a tomato-sambal dressing.

While you might expect an above mentioned sandwich won’t be cheap, but it’s really not too bad. All price winning sandwiches are less than 7 euro’s.

What is your favorite lunchplace?

With love,

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BioM – Fredericiagade 78


If you want to try out another kind of brunch on your lazy Sunday, BioM is the place to be. Hidden in the latin quarter you will find this all organic restaurant. It doesn’t really has the typical New Nordic feeling and it all basically comes down to the food. While most of the time I really appreciate this minimalistic Danish design, sometimes it feels like restaurants, shops, etc are doing it for the sake of doing it. So it’s refreshing to see that BioM doesn’t cares about the next design trend that will fade the last one..

For 169 kr (22 euro) you can get the brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays. Where most places serve this typical English breakfast or high-tea kind of brunch, BioM goes into an entirely different direction. Homemade bread, yoghurtmouse, fruitsoup, a pouched egg on a pile of humus are only the beginning. The food tastes like it looks like: pure, healthy and surprising all at the same time.

I’m not sure if we picked out a lucky day, but there were hardly any kids. Ask me again in 10 years, but at this point I think it’s horrible when I go out for brunch and I can’t even hear myself think because of the crying babies…



PS: I just visited & Other Stories and this store is to die for. The prices are between H&M and COS, which for Danish standards are surprisingly low. I love how they mix and match their own brand with other brands such as Nike. But also their entire brand identity: a lot of “mood boards” next to the clothing, high quality fabrics (and they are proudly presenting that on little signs too), and a lot of beauty products. YAY to the Swedes!

IMG_3685With love,

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Aamanns – Øster Farimagsgade 12


Shame on me: I have been living here for a year now and I’ve only recently tried the traditional Danish traditional smørrebrød! But I make my first times exquisite (that’s what she said) and I went to Aamanns to try the real deal! Aamanns is known for their Smørrebrød lunch menu’s, but actually also serve dinner. They recently opened a branch in the hipster area of New York (TriBeCa).

First I want to start saying with: the food is amazing. If you ever visit Copenhagen, Aamanns is definitely worth the visit! BUT, I would say it is on the more pricey range of the spectrum. Luckily, I visited them during Copenhagen Dining Week. Where I got 3 different kinds of haring, a lunch menu and dessert for 200 kr (25 euro). It is probably the smaller version of everything, but just to say in perspective: the normal lunch menu costs 275 kr (35 euro), which is in my opinion a big chunk out of your wallet, especially “just” for lunch. But you’re not here to discuss budgets, so lets talk some food!


The restaurant is located in Copenhagen Østerbro, which is a cute district where a lot of families with kids live. The kids part makes me not go there too often, but it is really “hyggeligt” (gezellig/cosy) and has a lot of nice boutiques. The restaurant itself is also cute and designed according the Danish Feng Shui: so minimalistic, with small tables close to each other. You better get used to the latter, since most Danish restaurants cram as many tables as possible on a square meter.


Not only the smørrebrød was a first timer, it was also the first time I tried Schnapps. And this was a hard one to ever outdo! It was a schnapps made of apple and some kind of wheat and it actually tasted delicious! I still don’t really understand why you want to drink hard liquor together with lunch. But as they say: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. While I normally don’t prefer the Danish haring, the haring served at Aamanns is amazing! It doesn’t has that sweet and sour, silty taste it normally has. But it’s a lot closer to fresh haring, which combines great with rye bread!


And this tartar is TO DO FOR! I would just come back for this dish only.. It is fresh, has great flavour and the bread to comes with it is YUM! Carbs and meat, what more can a girl wish for 😎


The Aamanns lunch comes with a lot of traditional ryebread (or sourdough) toppings, we got some with chicken, a fishy thing and cheese. Their menu is a great way to try a lot of different Danish food and to just have a cosy afternoon.


We ended our lunch with this amazing desert of caramelized milkchocolatmouse with lime and nuts. And yes, it tasted as good as the name sounds!

Aamanns is a definite recommendation for those living here of planning to visit Copenhagen. I would definite say go all in, try the schnapps with a local beer. Don’t cram a visit too tight, the food is really too good to just rush eating!

With love,

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