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What’s up?


(I wasn’t really sure what kind of picture to add to this blog, since it is quite text heavy. So I decided to go for a picture with me and the sister)

Dear digital lovers,

I just wanted to update you guys about my life. Most of the time I try to keep my blog a positive and happy place. But I have to admit, real life is not always sugar, spice and everything nice. The last 1.5 years have not always been easy and besides the lovely dinners and fun events you see on my blog there has also been some tears shedded about life not always being how I wanted it to be.

As you know I have (and still am..) quite hard on myself regarding learning Danish but slowly word by word I feel like I’m getting a better grip on this language. I’m not there yet, but even though everybody always have been saying “be patience”, I finally understand that I can’t rush it more than I’m already doing.

When moving to Denmark, I started to work for a Danish company at their Dutch customer service and it was definitely not the job I was envisioning when graduating with a Master of Science degree in Finance and Investments. But I knew the boyfriend was worth moving for and that I needed a job for a social security number, but after a year of negativity of crazy customers I decided it was time to move on and to quit the job in March and find something more interesting and “worthy” of my skills. The first couple of months were horrible, it was cold outside and sometimes I would just realize that all I had been doing was sitting inside looking for jobs were they require you to be fluent in Danish. But when Summer started to peek around the corner, it became easier. Of course not earning money is never fun, but reading some books in the park is. And somehow time flew by and I was unemployed for half a year. While I enjoyed reading those books, I was also really sad about not being able to start my career for which I had been studying seven years. And then somehow, out of nowhere, my dream job fell in to my lap. I won’t tell you guys about it yet, since the official contracts haven’t been signed yet, but it’s really the job that I have been dreaming of during university. And I know that it all has to do with patience, if I found this job 6 months ago, my Danish wouldn’t have been good enough: but that’s not how it felt during those 6 months.

When moving to a new country, all you can do is having patience. Not only with work, but also with friends. I have met some pretty rad people (hi Anna and Martin), but also some people (while they were very friendly and nice) that just weren’t my cup of tea. I always felt like I was in between two worlds: the exchange student and the expat, while I kinda was aiming for “the local”. In addition, it is a lot harder to build up a friendship at age 26 than it was in first grade of high school or the university introduction week. Everybody is so busy with setting up their own life, some of them are only here for a shorter period and to add to that I’m just lazy. Sometimes I really just prefer to lay on the couch and turn into a potato, while watching ’90s movies with the boyfriend. But with time passing by, I realize that I have some people around me that are really worthy picking up the phone for and while it might not be the same as calling my big ol’ sister or my best friend from high school, it is pretty cool to get to know some new awesome people!

While I had to wait a while, life is looking pretty awesome again. Please don’t think after reading this blog that I have been crawling up in a corner crying every day since I moved here, because I haven’t. But moving to a new country, learning a new language, finding new friends, missing family can be a lot more challenging that it seems like. But cliche as it sounds, it is really worth it…


To wrap up this blog: these two are my parents about 20 years ago. My mom looks pretty much the same these days and my dad lost his living-the-good-life-double-chin. Luckily they are only a Skype call away!

With love,

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Girl Crush: Jeanette Lai Thomas


Howdy cowboys,

I’m writing a long blog to update you guys about my current life (since the blog has been on a sleeping month for the past weeks). But for now I wanted to share you my latest girl crush!

Pretty much everything about this girl is awesome!! First of all, it’s all in the name. Second of all, from what I could find about her online she was born in Singapore and raised in Hong Kong. I feel an immediate connection with her, since my roots are in those two countries. She lived across the globe to follow her husband around (who works at Nike) and she lived in Amsterdam (!) for a while where she found that her true passion is jewelry. So she started her own jewelry company Moratorium Studios. Her style is quite similar to mine, a bit of tomboy, jeans, t-shirt and a good pair of high heels or boots when she rides her motor. She doesn’t go for hypes, but makes jewelry that is more timeless and symmetric. I’d almost like to say, that she is the cooler version of me 😉








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With love,

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Summer Cinema


The weather has been great the last couple of weeks and hopefully it will stay this way, because in the 2nd week of August (11 – 16) Zulu’s Summer Cinema is hitting town again. During this week, you can check out 6 movies outside in FĂŚlledparken for free!

Check their website for more information

Sunday 11 August: Moonrise Kingdom
Monday 12 August: De Urørlige
Tuesday 13 August: Skyfall
Wednesday 14 August: Kapringen
Thursday 15 August: Django Unchained
Friday 16 August: SURPRISE

All movies start at 21.15

With love,

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Wooptidoodaaa, I passed my final Danish exam!! Now I’m gonna torture myself with another 6 months of “Elite” Danish. Well there’s nothing elite about, I think, it was just hard to get accepted. And who knows, perhaps after these 6 months the Danes will finally understand me 😎

With love,

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Most liveable city: Copenhagen


Watch the video here, unfortunately the video is not embeddable :(

Copenhagen has been voted as most liveable city. To be honest, I’m a bit tired of all those ranking, Denmark has been ranked #1 in pretty much everything: happiest nation, least corrupt, most expensive groceries and of course the Eurosong Festival. But to me these rankings don’t really mean that much, I can still be a sad panda when it’s raining for a week even while living in the happiest country in the world.

However, Monocle’s movie strikes another point that I completely agree with: Copenhagen Ă­s liveable. All public spaces are really for everybody to enjoy. There are many clean parks all around the city, some of them are fancy (Kongens Have), some of them have a harbour pool (Islands Brygge) and some of them have a view of elefants (Frederiksberg Have). There are many well maintained basket- and football courts and I’ve even seen an outdoor trampoline close to Nyhavn. In the multi-culti neighborhood Nørrebro there’s a whole square (Røde Plads) dedicated to living together with different cultures. It seems to be so easy for every organisation to apply for permits to organize cool, fun events all over the city and especially during the Summer there are many free events and parties to go to. I

While living here might be crazy expensive, the city definitely makes up for it with all its great and free facilities and activities!

With love,

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