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Midnattsloppet Stockholm


You haven’t read about my running progress in a while on the blog, primarily because there was no progress and I definitely have enjoyed the Summer in other ways than sporting. Shame on me. So when my friend Simona asked me to join her for the “Midnattsloppet” in Stockholm, I enthusiastically answered with a “YES!” only to remember myself that it had been 2 months since my last 10K run, or any run for that matter.

So I signed up for a 5K run with the local running club as preperation, which was one big disaster. I honestly never had a run that bad! I ran too fast, I ran too slow, I ran everything except my own pace to end up with a HORRIBLE time. A time so close to what it takes for normal people to WALK 5K… (37 minutes…). So when I flew to Stockholm 1.5 week ago, I didn’t really knew what to expect from my body, but only decided to run in my own pace, even if it was really slow so at least I would enjoy it a bit more.


I arrived in the city (Stockholm is a nice mix between Helsinki and Copenhagen), ate a plate of pasta and met up with my friend. To realize that we were running a bit late (story of my life), but somehow still managed to make it in time. I kinda missed the memo that there would be around 35.000 people running this race, with a whole bunch of supporters along the track too. And I tell you, running with 35.000 people is more than amazing! When we arrived in the 3rd start block, there were people dancing in the line, music was being played and everybody was in such a good spirit. The sky was pitch black, there were people dressed up, and there was amusement every where. I misjudged Stockholm’s hills, which were heavy, but what an amazing run it was. There were so many supporters and even though I’m slow like a granny, I was always running in a big group of people (yes, sometimes I’m the one running all alone in the back and that sucks).


I think it was the toughest run I have ever ran, because of all the hills (about 10, okay perhaps there were only 5, but it felt like 10) but they definitely made up for it with the great atmosphere, entertainment, amazing views during the run and amazing organization. Got you interested? They still have some runs upcoming in Helsinki and MalmĂś!

With love,

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Note to Myself: Don’t Drink Before a Race

Hey beauties!

The weather has been absolutely stunning the last 3 weeks here, but unfortunately this weekend rain has reached Copenhagen again. I had friends over from the Netherlands every weekend for the last month and also this weekend we had good company to enjoy the city with.


So when we heard about Havana Club’s Mojitto Embassy we decided to take a look and the concept was absolutely amazing! The entire venue was filled with limes and mint and for 35 kroner (5 euro, which is really really cheap for Danish standards) you could get their signature drink. There was live salsa music and while my Asian hips can’t really compete with the Cubans’, it was fun to be surrounded by.

It was insanely hot inside, so sorry for the shiny forehead 😀 After already having had a bottle of wine with dinner and some mojito’s I realized that the 10K ladies would be a hard one the day after…


And it was definitely not my best runs, especially since it has been around a month since I had my running shoes on. Even though the weather has been amazing for running, I kinda lost my running spark (or in other words: I got really really lazy and have been mostly hanging in the park). I ran the 10K in 1 hour an 10 minutes, which is by far my worst result. But I’m still happy that after our “wild” Cuban night, I managed to get up and finish the run instead of staying in!


The run was organized by Sparta and sponsored by Nike (yay to free t-shirts) and at the finish line there was a whole area with running related stands. So besides the usual sportsbra and running clothing there was also food and drinks. Not only was there a micro brewery (Mikkeler), there was also a butcher who heated up the barbecue and served this AMAZING organic beef steak with potato salad. If I had known that earlier, I would have definitely achieved a PR 😉

With love,

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Running Update

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 14.50.58

After running half a marathon I kinda went all crazy with the couch potato lifestyle (shame on me) and used the “but I ran 21.1K” excuses for way too long. So I decided to lift my ass up from the couch again, started doing Crossfit again (and directly being punished by having no arm-muscles anymore) and got my running shoes back from the Netherlands (I even just let those stay there for 2 weeks after the marathon because I knew I wasn’t going to use them anyways).

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 14.50.29

For me personally it is quite hard to motivate myself when there is no clear goal to work towards, while I don’t know if I would run a half marathon any time soon (perhaps the half marathon in September?) I did signed up for some shorter 10K runs. I signed up for the Mini city run which will be the 2nd of May and the Nike ladiesrun in Copenhagen which will be organized the 16th of June.

What are your personal short-term fitness goals?

With love,


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CPC Loop Half Marathon


I did it! I ran half a marathon! And to be honest, I have no idea if I would do it ever again: it was PURE terror! I can put on a happy face and tell you it was all sugar, spice and everything nice. But it was not.. I actually thought I did quite a bit of training, I ran about 100K in the first 2 months of 2013, which is more than I ever did. But it was definitely not enough preparation for 21.1K..

The first 3K were pretty O.K., it was cold, hella cold, but everybody had such a positive energy. But after the 3K, i had to pee like a madmen (how I wished that I was just a man and could just pee in a bush), so after 6K I finally found a toilet and went in for a nr 1. This is definitely something I shouldn’t have done, after I was done I lost all my momentum and the energetic group of people. I ran a lot alone (which meant: no one to shelter behind) and I swear at some point I think I saw the car that was following the last person. So I just starting running faster and faster and until 15K everything was fine enough, I tried to find some running partners and screamed to myself (in my head, not as a crazy person out loud) to not start walking (which I didn’t do for the entire run).

I knew that from 16K, we would run over the beach boulevard and beforehand I always thought: when I’m at the boulevard it’s gonna be easy breezy, 6 more kilometres. But my god, what was I wrong. It was extremely cold on the boulevard (even with some snow), the run was a steep rise and the last 5K everything just started to hurt from my hips to my feet. Normally I can “fake” my tempo the last 2K by running harder than my usual speed, but these last 2K were incredible hard for me. Over and over again I asked myself, why do I keep signing up for these things?


But then I saw my family and friends, screaming and jumping and I knew: I made it! The elementary-school fatty ran half a marathon! I got my medal and while trying to walk back to my loved ones, my legs definitely didn’t do what I wanted them to do anymore. But so what? I ran 21.1K!


Thanks everybody for cheering for me! It must have been crazy cold for y’all, but you guys were definitely why I made it!


Congratulations to all the others that ran a 5K, 10K or half a marathon! Now I’m gonna eat as many easter chocolat eggs as possible! See you next year (perhaps)!

With love,

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Nike Marathontest 1


So for the last couple of weeks, I have felt as if I would never recover from the whole December period. I was running slow, extremely slow (asin, walking might have been faster). I couldn’t take any more than 35 kilo’s on the barbell at crossfit (where the barbell itself is already 25, so really I could only add 10 kilo’s). And on top of it, I just found/find it hard to get back into the whole rhythm of exercising regularly.

So when I realized that I had a 10K run on the calendar, I kinda went for the whole “just-finish” attitude. Last September I ran my first 10K in 1:08:29 and my 2nd 10K in October I ran in 1:09:12. So I thought, anywhere close to 1:10:00 would be a done deal for me.

So yesterday, I went up to Østerbro to run the Nike Marathontest 1 and the first 2K where HORRIBLE. People everywhere (I thought no more than a couple of dozen would have signed up for the run, to find out that more than 2500 runners where on track..), balloons everywhere (and I have a definite love/hate relation with those darn balloons), I couldn’t find my own pace, and I just kept thinking “oh my god, this is only 10-20% of what I have to run in total and I already feel miserable”. But as soon the runners spreaded, I found my own pace, and most of the balloons left me (or at least I found one group where I could stay in front of the balloons), I could finally got into the mood for it.

I ended up finishing in 1:04:50, which for most runners is still a horrible time, but for me it was fantastic! It is more than 4 minutes faster than my last 10K and it was just a welcoming surprise after one month of feeling in the worst condition ever!

Ps. I’m in LOVE with my new Nike Swift tights from S for Sneakers!

With love,

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