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Well hello there lovelies,

I know, I know, it has been ages.. For those who have been around for a while, this is how all my blogs have started for the last couple of months, pretty much since we entered the new year. Blogging is not really on my mind anymore, while I still really enjoy all of yours. The last couple of months have been pretty crazy, I got promoted at work, bought my first apartment with the boyfriend, moved in there last weekend, travelled heaps for both business and leisure to Manchester, Barcelona, Oslo, Brussels, Amsterdam and already having some new travel plans for Stockholm, Croatia and Curacao. 

I am so busy that I forget to think with my “blogger-hat” on. I actually made some pictures of a 10 course dinner I had on my own (while a lot of people may feel too embarrassed to have a 3 hour dinner on their own, I actually love it), but those pictures were the last pictures I made really intended for the blog (and I will post them one day). So much has happened, that I feel it is too much to ever write it down again. But at the same time, I really miss documenting my own life (not for the narcissistic reasons, but for the beauty in how life changes for the better or the worse). I do believe I will return to a more regular routine of blogging one day, writing down all beautiful things in Copenhagen, but at this moment I feel like I want to enjoy life more in the present (without thinking what should be photographed for the blog).

But for now I just wanted to say, you guys are always welcome to put comments on the blog if you want to know anything about Copenhagen (which district to stay, where to eat, etc.) and if you’re coming here let me know! I would love to cheer on life with you :) And for those that really can’t do without MADEIN1987, I do post pictures on my instagram on a more regular note!

With love,


Goodbye 2013!


I know, this post probably should have been posted on the 31st of December, shame on me! Even though we are a good week into the new year, I still would like to look back together with you on 2013.

If I was to sum up 2013, it would probably with the word weird. It really has been a weird and emotional year, where I have felt every emotion from crying-my-eyes-out-sad to life-cant-get-any-better-happy. I have been unemployed for a couple of months (which definitely attributed to the crying-my-eyes-out-sad, found my dream job (happy-happy-joy-joy), somehow found the resources to travel to Stockholm, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Madrid, Zagreb, Malmo, Aarhus, Odense, Samsø and Hamburg, and made some new amazing friends!

Goals 2013

Last year I made some goals for 2013 and to be honest, I kinda forgot about them. Reading them again 1 year later made me realise both how short and long 1 year can be! Even though it felt like it was over in a blink, I can see now that I achieved a lot more than I felt I did.

  • Find the perfect and cheap (!) take-away place: I definitely have some favorite take-away places (such as: Quattro Fontane Due ApS), but I still haven’t found thát place. Something that is affordable and makes you really happy on a Friday night.
  • Be fluent in Danish: this definitely is my biggest achievement in 2013. I finalised all Danish education (level C1 from the European Framework) and I’m really happy I finally feel that I can participate in Danish society *how cheesy that might sound*.
  • Finnish half a marathon: at the beginning of the year I ran the half marathon CPC loop in the Hague and while I said afterwards I would NEVER do that again, I signed myself up again for another half marathon in March 2014. 
  • Read all the Harry Potter books: while I did started with the books see proof, I unfortunately can’t say I have finished them. So I will take this goal with me to 2014, but nothing bad about that, since I really enjoyed the first 2 books!
  • Send mail by post: my parents where the main receiver for this, I’m not sure if I failed or succeeded in this goal. But I feel like, in general, I could have more correspondence with my friends (those perhaps who don’t read this blog). 
  • Find my dream job: it still feels weird to write this down, but working for the company where I  already wanted to work when I was in high-school, feels amazing! Besides learning Danish, this is definitely a big success too!
  • Double the LP collection: I’m not sure if it doubled in size, but it sure doesn’t fits in the rack we’re having now anymore. 
  • At least one trip outside of Europe and heaps of city trips (Stockholm – so I can bump into Kenza, London – Superdrug, Paris – Laduree): The trip outside of Europe didn’t happend, but I’m completely fine with that. 2013 was a financially draining year (being unemployed and all) and I know 2014 will have some bounty islands in prospect! But there was enough money and time for city trips incl. (!) Stockholm and Paris. 
  • Get this blog to the next level: I still find it hard to update on a regular basis, but I did doubled my amount of readers. Failed or succeeded? I don’t know, as long as I think it’s fun to blog, I will.
  • Find Danish friends: being fluent in Danish, didn’t actually helped in finding the Danish friends. But I sure have more of them now, then at the beginning of 2013.

You know what?! 2013 was amazing, with ALL of its ups and downs!

With love,




Antwerp has always been my favorite go-to when you’re fed up with your own city. As a kid I used to go there with my dad, to wonder around the city (me shopping, him waiting) and have some mussels cooked in white wine. So on my last trip back to the Netherlands, I also decided to grant Antwerp a visit and I can tell you it was more than amazing, because of…


THIS. While I’m really impressed by all the new shops in Antwerp (Forever 21 and especially Brandy Melville) and their sale, I didn’t buy anything at all. But I surely compensated for drinks. On the “Groenplaats” square (close to American Apparel) we stumbled upon a food market, how can you not love life when you get surprised by amazing wine, oysters, chacuterie and food? We started our walk with two glasses of rosé champagne.


To continue to some oysters, they were the best I’ve had during our entire trip! They were so good that I actually ordered a second plate… And only common sense retained me from ordering a third.


And as dinner I had some rice with mushrooms in tomato sauce and the boyfriend had potatoes in cream and cheese. It was beyond delicious.



Obviously after all that food, I wanted some more food. So we finished the day with some beers and charcuterie. Honestly, a day couldn’t be better than this day! Food and wine, really? What more can you wish for?


Well all of that amazing food and wine in sunshine!


When we walked back to the car we bumped into a skate night. Can somebody fly me to Antwerp tomorrow please?

With love,

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The Girl on Instagram

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 14.55.49

I’m not sure why, but I always found an open Instagram account (for everybody visible) quite invasive. Probably because I made 100 selfies with it, to only like the first one. But then it finally hit me: why don’t I just make the 100 selfies with the normal camera app and only upload the one I like on Instagram?! So slowly I changed my setting so people could add me after I approved and yesterday I just opened my entire instagram. It doesn’t really makes sense that I trow my entire life on the streets on my blog and think that Instagram pictures are too invasive..


So I would really appreciate it if you would add me on instagram, my username is mmadein1987. Don’t forget the double “m” otherwise you end up following a complete stranger 😉

Online you can find my account HERE

With love,

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PS: I know I should just consume my food instead of making pictures of it, but I use Instagram kinda as an online food diary, so I can remember what kind of dishes I prepared!