Ciaté Caviar Manicure

Just about every time I firmly forbid myself to buy anything new, something is being launched that I just HAVE to buy.. Ciaté’s Caviar Manicure is only one example of that..

A couple of months ago, when the first pictures appeared on the blogosphere of Ciaté’s Caviar Manicure I already decided that I had to try this out too. I have the craziest kid claws that a 25 year old can have and putting nail polish is pretty much the only way for me to transform them into anything adultish.

So when I headed to the Netherlands they were finally launched at Sephora, but with all those beauty freaks the color I wanted was sold out in 1 day. In addition, they charged 29.95 euro – which seamed to be a bit over priced.. So I ended up empty-handed and quite forgot about it to be honest..

But with the new Danish Sephora and a bit of delay of product releases in Scandinavia combined with facebook status updates I found out that they were also launched in Copenhagen! You had no idea how long that work day felt for me and I biked to Sephora as soon as the church bell rang 4 o’clock (haha, metaphorically speaking.. and yes that’s when a Danish workday ends). The best thing about it? They “only” cost 165 kroner, which is about 22 euro and it being closer to 20 euro instead of 30 it just seems to be more reasonable priced.

But okay, so now you know my nail life story not it’s time for the review 😎

I bought the multi color version, even though I also really liked the black version. I am in love with the “caviar” balls, however the pink nail polish that comes with it, is not really a color I would choose myself though (it’s more barbie meets trailer trash pink). It’s supposed to stay on for about 2 days, but being a bit impatient and having actual things to do in the house I lost some of the little balls already the first night, but it still looks really cool no matter what! I feared the taking it off part, but it’s actually quite okay. It takes about a cotton pad each finger, but it takes no longer than 5 seconds to “melt” the balls with nail polish remover. I would advice to do this above the sink, otherwise you might swipe all the balls on the floor (I speak from experience). I guess the caviar manicure is something I will use more for special events, but it definitely is something nice to have!

With love,

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2 thoughts on “Ciaté Caviar Manicure

  1. Stephie

    My friend bought me this for my birthday. I never tried it out of laziness…and then forgot about it until now. Maybe I’ll try it this weekend! Miss you!!

    1. Janet Post author

      It’s really cool, only thing that’s annoying is that every time you do something with your hair it gets stuck between the balls!