Clarisonic Skin Care

When I was in Singapore at the beginning of this year I saw the Clarisonicat Sephora and was really doubting whether or not to buy it. After I received a Sonicare toothbrush last year from the lovely people at Philips, I was really curious what the same developers created for facial care. It costed around 150 euro and Singapore was the first country I arrived at and I still had to survive – money wise – 3 weeks of holiday. So with pain in my heart I decided not to buy it.. And sometimes you just pretty much directly know you made a wrong decision; as soon as I stepped into the next plain to Indonesia I kinda hoped I could just buy it there – and as you would always see there was no beauty shop in any near sight..

So when I got back in the Netherlands again, just before moving to Denmark, I started to google the Clarisonic almost daily. Luckily, my dad travelled to Singapore to see my grandmother, I emailed him the sweetest request if he could go to Sephora for me and buy a Clarisonic Plus. My dad is always into gadgets and so whether or not it’s a beauty gadget he grabbed one and “surprised” me with it!

And I’m sure as hell thankful he bought it for me! Ofcourse you might expect some magic machine that will change your skin overnight: well no, this is not gonna happen. But my skin hasn’t been as radiant and clear since I hit puberty. I never had really bad skin, but it was on the more oily side of the spectrum and an occacional third eye was in place. When I visited my parents for Awakenings, the first thing my mom said that my skin was extremely clear and glowing (and no I’m not expecting, FYI). I guess when you use it on a daily basis, you don’t really notice any difference: but what the mummy says is true! When I think about it, I haven’t had any so-called monthly outbreak whatsoever since I started using it. And besides getting the clear skin, it’s also just a great way to wake-up! I usually only use it under the shower, it tends to get a bit too messy next to the sink.

So even though it is a big chunk out of your wallet, I really recommand using Clarisonic instead of washing your fash analog. I’m not really sure why, but the Clarisonic isn’t for sale yet in ordinary shops. But there’s a great (Dutch) webshop called Fresh Water Valley where you can order it. They also send to Denmark!

With love,

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