Coma Club 2012

Once in a while I regret not listening to the boyfriend, luckily for me those moments are not to often 😎 I definitely had one of those moments last Saturday. I received some tickets for the “legendary” Coma Club, this party was supposed to be epic in the 90s and from what I have heard it must have been like NOW&WOW in Rotterdam. They organize the party yearly again and the boyfriend warned me that everybody would be dressed up, but I’m stubborn and as an expat I have learned to take things with a grain of salt. Which I would regret..

So after biking under stress (Janet, why-oh-why can’t you ever be on time) to meet my friend, I noticed something shiny. When coming closer to the queue, I actually realised that it was because two guys where in full cirque-du-soleil outfit with matching christmas lights on their head. Yes, actual lights! While waiting for my friend (luckily, I wasn’t the only one who was late) I stood behind a banana and in front of a monkey (oh, the irony).

One of the other party go-ers was so nice to borrow us an eye pencil, so we could draw some cat whiskers on our face and luckily we were allowed into the venue. I honestly haven’t felt that kind of “stress” since I was 16, trying to get into a min. 18-year old party! Nonetheless, I had an amazing time and I’m already contemplating what to dress up as next year!

With love,

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