CPH Fashion Week: Wackerhaus SS13

After waiting for an hour, the Wackerhaus finally started. But it was definitely worth the wait! The collection was strong, flowy, and feminine. I loved how they put such a feminine collection, but with the Danish touch: not many items where tight fitted and sometimes even had hint of masculinity. Both with black and pastel kind of colors.

But the best part: the make-up and hair where great! The models had somewhat of a gel helmet: so untill the earline, the hair was wet and flat but with a clear line between the wet and dry part. In addition, the models had strong bronzer (L’oreal’s Glam Bronze La Terra) on their cheeks and eyeliner (L’oreal’s Super Liner Gel Intenza) on their eyes!

I will put the pictures (100 year belated in the bloggingsphere) of my favorite show (Stine Goya) online tomorrow!

With love,

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