Crossfit Butcher’s Lab – Part II

(source: Butcher’s Lab)

Okay, so after a rather succesful (in the sense that I liked it, definitely not in the sense that I was good at it..) first try at Buthcer’s Lab I decided to go there again. But now for a “normal” workout, where last time was an intro workout. So remember how I was literally dead last time?! This workout was at least 100 times harder, compared to this the intro lesson was like baby yoga.. Only the little amount of social shame I know, prevented me to not lay down in a fetus position in one of Butcher’s Lab corners and cry a little..

This time you had to be paired up with somebody else and it was high school gym all over again.. Yes, I was the last to be picked and I’m pretty sure that the guy wasn’t really excited about being my partner either..

We started with 40 swings (20 each) with a 12 kg kegle and besides from not understanding any directions this part was still doable. We continued with a 400 meter run outside (so imagine 30 people running in Kødbyen..) and the first run was also still a-okay. We went inside again to do 40 jump-clap in the air-go to the floor-push up kind of move and from here slowly everything went downhill.. We had to go outside AGAIN and do another 400 meter run and my partner was waaaaay faster than I am (I would say I have a gift of running slow.. It is more really fast walking..) and I have to admit my partner turned out to be a rather good coach screaming that I had to run faster. So while I was trying to catch my breath again we had to do 40 jumps on a box and back to the floor again. At this time I had no idea where I was anymore, couldn’t feel my legs and at the same time felt a little bit ashamed to my partner for holding him back. After the third round of running 400 meter, I regretted going there with every muscle and wished I just stayed at home being a couch potato and was watching a new episode of Games of Thrones. But I was sooo close to the end, only 40 more pull-ups and I could collapse. And collapsing is really an understatement of how I ended my work out of the day…

After this hour of self-torture I looked around me and besides a lot of guys in thights (there is no excuse for a guy wearing tights, you are ONLY allowed to do this when you can run a full marathon in 2 hours..) I also saw some girls and most of them were extremely fit. While you might expect a lot of body builder type of woman, most of the girls were flexible and slim.. My momma didn’t raised me to wine and cry instead of working towards a certain goal.

So, yes I’m gonna continue with it and get superfit (or at least fit enough to compensate for the alcoholic consumption this country forces me to encounter)! Perhaps I will stay a little bit in the intro WOD to begin with, but it definitely is a nice workout! Next thing to try is Weng Chun Kung Fu also at Butcher’s Lab..

With love,

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ps. I’m always down for having a personal translator with me 😉 so if you would like to try out crossfit with me and you speak Danish hit the comment box! Okay, if you don’t speak Danish and would like to try crossfit too, you are also allowed to hit it..