Crossfit Challenge Update

So it’s about a month ago since I posted about my journey through the city.. And I can hereby declare I survived a month of Crossfit! Over the last 4 weeks I have been to Crossfit 18 times (and to compensate the 2 missing times I ran 2 times 5K) and you know what?! Working out is fun!

I am still at the slowest side of the spectrum, there’s an occacional good day where I actually pass somebody else when we have to run – but with a big emphasize on “occasional”.. And I am also still one of the lightweights when there is weight lifting involved. BUT I like it: I finish every work-out of the day and even though I do compare myself sometimes with other people’s achievements (which obviously has no point in dingo at all..) I can feel the difference compared to the me from 4 weeks ago!

I renewed my subscription, since I started with a one month test subscription, and I’m planning to go a more reasonable 4 times a week. Tell me about your work-out regime, did you tried to change it over the Summer?

With love,

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