Crossfit Challenge

So okay, it is July now and I have been going on and off to Crossfit for the last four months.. But after Distortion, the football championship and going back to the Netherlands for Awakenings (I will update some pictures of that tomorrow) it kinda got on the low priority list. After I told this to my Swedish friend E. she kinda made a now or never proposition that I had to accept: for the next month we will go to crossfit 5 days a week (4 days after or before work and 1 day in the weekend).

So if you are having too much spare time on your hand because you have your summer break, want to be more fit because you’ve noticed that those love handle became a bit too lovely or just have nothing better to do you are welcome to join us! It doesn’t has to be Crossfit, it could be running, situps in your bedroom or walking up the stairs everyday at work. Just do something that you tend to avoid, for a month 5 days a week! Results guaranteed 😀

With love,

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