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So I’m still on my journey to find my new favorite sport and the last thing I tried was Crossfit. On an innocent Tuesday I went to Butcher’s Lab, which is located in Kødbyen not too far from the central station, and I really couldn’t have prepared for what I was going to encounter.

CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.

So I thought to myself yeah, why not – I can do that too.. But honestly, it might have been the craziest workout I’ve ever done! Even though most of the class is in Danish and I kinda gave up trying to understand what the hell they were saying – it is still pretty universal. A push up is a push up in every language right.. We started with a warmup which was an intense work out on it own to continue with the WOD (Work Out of the Day) where you do as many rounds as possible from a certain set for 16 minutes. This set changes everyday and the one I had to do was as following:

4 push ups
8 jumping squads
12 swings
16 sit ups

I only managed to do the above set 6.5 times in 16 minutes, but I literally was DEAD at the end! You know how you start a workshop “pretty”? Well forget about that with crossfit: at the end my mascara was on my chin, I made a face that was closer to constipation than to a workout and I literally was kneeling on the floor thanking god the workout was over. But boy it felt good!! You can count down the minutes, so you know it will only be these 16 minutes of intense horror and give it your best. I expected that I would have a sour body the day after, but I actually felt pretty good. But then 2 days after, I woke up like a grandma all my muscles were aching! But at least you realize your body is still capable and that you actually have more muscles than you remember.. Crossfit is a definite recommendation!

Høkerboderne 8-10, 1. sal
1712 København K

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3 thoughts on “Crossfit Butcher’s Lab Copenhagen

  1. Steph

    haha! Well done Janet! I don’t even dare trying, so hardcore, I heard it was.. so just as we say in French “chapeau!”

    The question is, will you do it again?

    1. Angelle

      Remember, no excuses if you want somitheng bad enough your mind takes over and tells your body YOU CAN DO IT ! Come see for yourself the strength within and see the accomplishments you can make every day!