Danish TV Got Bomdiggydee!

I actually hardly ever watch me some oldschool TV. Our TV is “hidden” at our entresol (before today I never knew how something like that was called, if it wasn’t for wikipedia..) and I find it often too much of a hastle to move everything up there, think: blanket, pillow, chips, drinks, everything cosy..

So usually I just end up with my laptop on the couch, which is also cosy but it just isn’t the same.. That’s also the main reason why we decided not to take any tv plans. But it will be a hard one now that HBO Nordic and Netflix annouched that they will launch in in Denmark soon!

HBO is a premium cable television network, who showed series such as: Sex and the City, How To Make it in America, Entourage, Games of Thrones and True Blood. Netflix is a provider of on-demand Internet streaming media. I’m all in for paying for my movies and series, but it has to be easy! The only blockbuster I’m aware of is a 20m bike ride: too far..

Will you subscribe to them?

With love,

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