Denmark Roadtrip Day 2 & 3 – Aarhus & Odense


Our second day we spend exploring Aarhus, the city was a lot cuter than expected. But also a lot colder! Darn you Scandinavian weather :(. Even though most of the shops are the same as in Copenhagen, I couldn’t resist do to a bit of shopping to start the day with.



We went to the cutest cafe ever for a little break. Stardust Cafe combines best of both world: it is a cute small cafe where you also can find a large LP collection. So while I enjoyed my cup of tea, the boyfriend enjoyed browsing through al the LPs. Definite recommendation if you ever hit Aarhus!






After our little break, we decided to go to ARoS, museum of modern art. This is an insanely big museum, I believe they had 8 floors filled with contemporary art. But the best part was the “Your Rainbow Panorama” exhibition. It’s a 150 metres walkway, which is located 3.5 metres above the museum’s roof (and thus 7 floors above ground level). As a museum dummie, I thought that ARoS was quite easy approachable, with a lot of relatable art.







Our first night, we slept at Hotel Royal, which was located right in the middle of the city center. We normally don’t really go for the traditional barok style hotels, but I can get used to sleeping in a 3 room suite. So thanks again Ford πŸ˜‰


Driving to Odense, we definitely didn’t have the great sunshine weather from the first day anymore!


The second night, we slept at Grand Hotel, which was also located right in the city. Normally, I never go for the hotel dinner because honestly who ever has good experiences with it? But Grand hotel really surprised me, everything from the supplementary cocktail to the dinner was great!



The rental bike system in Odense is definitely better compared to the one in


All the houses in Odense looked so cute and adorable!


We ended our trip with a visit to the H.C. Andersen museum. His life was pretty tragic and filled with heaps of unanswered (gay) love.

All by all, this was an amazing trip and it really made me more curious to other cities Danmark has to offer. Next on my to visit list:

  • Skagen
  • MΓΈns Klint
  • Legoland

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6 thoughts on “Denmark Roadtrip Day 2 & 3 – Aarhus & Odense

    1. Janet Post author

      Vond het zo iets bizar! Typisch gevalletje van “ik-snap-kunst-niet-echt”

      1. Veerlez

        haha dat had ik nou ook! Ik vond het een beetje tegenvallen! Ik had er meer van verwacht, omdat het echt als iets heel groots en bijzonders werd aangekondigd, en uiteindelijk was het ‘boem’ met een nogal klein resultaat! Ik vond het maar niks, ik zou het zelf met vloeibare verf hebben gedaan, veel leuker πŸ˜‰

      2. Janet Post author

        Was de hele collectie in Eindhoven? Hoe bizar moet het geweest zijn om dat allemaal op te ruimen!