Diary: My Instagram Week

photo (6)
Copenhagen is definitely more fun in the spring and summer. But I have to admit, when the city is covered in a thin layer of snow, it sure looks beautiful!

photo (9)
While it has been snowing for days, I was craving for some comfortfood. So what’s better than a cup of homemade Saoto soup!?

photo (7)
Running in the snow is definitely something that is NO fun, I honestly am faster when I just walk than when I try to run in the snow…

photo (8)
Another day of comfort food: spicy tomato mussels with pasta. I don’t really make mussels myself too often, but this dish was a 10 out of 10!

photo (5)
I spend way too much time in the kitchen, haha, primarily because I love eating way more than is healthy for me. Last week I also tried to make some drømmekage, it is a Danish cake with a toping of sugar and coconut flakes.

photo (10)
The boyfriend surprised me with these beautiful roses for Valentine’s day. Super cheesy, but oh so lovely!

photo (11)
And the roses wheren’t even everything, this little package was waiting for me too 😀

With love,

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