Distortion Day 2: Nørrebro

Me eating a shoarma pita nomnom || Everybody is loving Distortion || Danes sure love to show their behinds, I’ve seen at least one naked guy every day || In addition to be naked, Danes sure love to stand on high grounds || Foreigners please don’t leave us alone with the Danes! || People dancing salsa

The second day of Distortion was in the Nørrebro district.. I’m not sure why, but I don’t come here too often. Living in the innercity makes you a tad distance lazy – even though I really like Nørrebro! This district is definitely more multi-cultural compared to the other districts: so this means a lot more of ethnic (ahaha ethnic is such a lame word) food and people!

Tonight it will be in Vesterbro! So see you there!!

With love,

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