Distortion Day 3: Vesterbro

After being soaked by the rain we finally reached to the after party || Party bus || Entrance || Warehouse party || This time all the Danes kept their clothing on, and more.. || Skatepark || Biking home again in crazy rain

So yeah, Im gonna be honest with you. I haven’t seen sh*t from the Vesterbro street parties. When I was finally outside, around 22.00, it was pouring rain and I haven’t seen a single stage or heard music on the streets. Since every bar was packed to the max with people that couldn’t stand the rain either anymore, we were kinda forced to go into any random place to warm up with a cold bottle of wine (the irony). So we went to Bio Mio in Kødbyen, which actually is a quite nice place and I definitely am going back to try the food. After a bottle of wine, a lot of good conversations and finally a warm body again we decided to go to the official after party.

Most of my friends don’t go to the after parties and who can blame them. When you start boozing up around 12.00, most people are either in the gutter or in bed 12 hours later.. So I was positively surprised how crowded the party was! It was still raining like a mad men and the one act (Mike Skinner from the Streets) that I really wanted to see was outside, so I kinda let that one slide. It was located in some old warehouses and in a skatepark (so a definite 10 out of 10 for the location!) and besides that most areas had awful sound systems it was a great fest!! Good music, cosy packed, and it made me think: perhaps next year less drinking in the day time and more enjoying of the after parties – because they are definitely worth it!

Tonight is the Final Party also in some warehouses, I’m not sure if I’ll go there – you have to know I’m not 24 anymore and 3 days partying in a row gets to your body.. Ahaha, I kid I kid, but walking, biking and partying in the rain yesterday does!

Perhaps see y’all tonight!!

With love,

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2 thoughts on “Distortion Day 3: Vesterbro

  1. Maria

    Jeg elsker din militærjakke
    I love your military jacket,

    Hvor har du købt den henne?
    Where did you buy it?

    Maria :-)

    1. Janet Post author

      Det er en Hollandsk 2nd hand militærjakke. Jeg har købt den i en butik i Haag, Holland – den kan dog måske købes i “Episode” her i KBH.. Tak for din besked 😀 Janet