Distortion is Copenhagen’s most notorious street festival, for a week long every district will compete for the honour and title of the best street party. It is a great way, for me at least, to discover more about Copenhagen.. And the best thing of all, you can bring your own booz to the streets! While Danes think it is the most normal thing to do, for me as a Dutch, this is literally a new world of not buying overpriced beer/pis water but bring your own nice booz..

But since everything is for free (ofcourse there are after parties at night where you can buy a 300 kroner bracelet for) the organization has a hard time paying for the clean-up the days after. So this year they want us free-riders to support the cause (of free boozing up on the streets) by buying a 100 kroner “charity” bracelet. So help Distortion survive and buy the bracelet HERE!

With love,

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