Friløbet: 10K Run Through Copenhagen

After participating in the biggest 5k DHL estafette run (which I finished in 31 minutes) together with some coworkers (and 120.000 other runners) I was amazed about how far you can push yourself if you really want to. 5k in 31 minutes might not be a big achievement for you, but running is definitely not my core competence. I try to combine running with going to Crossfit, but I am definitely at the slower side of the spectrum. Besides that I have a love/hate relationship with it and at this point I am more of a finisher than actually making fast times.

I have close to zero perseverance when I run alone. I tell myself that everybody does this, even though it’s just a mindgame you’re playing with yourself. Sometimes I just find it a bit too attractive to take walking breaks, which are totally unnecessary… But yeah, so now I know I definitely achieve better under pressure and that’s also why I signed up for a 10K run all through Copenhagen. I have never ran more than 5k, but I actually think I can make it. And hey, you can always walk right?!

I signed up for the Friløbet run in two weeks (Sunday the 25th). The cool thing about this run is that it’s all through the inner city of Copenhagen and even through Tivoli (an amazingly beautiful amusement park in the middle of the capital!). At the moment I am just aiming for running the 10k without walking, but honestly, I am just looking forward buying myself a piece of cotton candy afterwards 😎

With love,

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