I absolutely hate running: I’m slow, I have no stamina and I detest the feeling of being in a constant state of uncomfortableness… I can even remember hating those days in high school, where we had to run 1k during P.E. and that I would even make up the lamest excuses to not run..

But at the same time, I think it’s quite interesting to stretch you physical boundaries.. Last year, I signed up for the Start to Run running group, where you train yourself in 6 weeks to run 3K. It was actually the first running activity in my “grown-up” life and I ended up running it in 22 minutes. It’s not the best achievement, but hey it is at least AN achievement..

Here in Copenhagen, running seems to be the number one folk sport and I can’t blame them. The city is flat but surrounded by beautiful lakes, parks and buildings. There is an organized run/marathon almost every month from the Summer on, so after I ran the 5k DHL run in about 30 minutes – I felt a bit (too) confident and signed up for the 10K friløbet.

After a week filled with family and food and no exercising, I definitely felt a bit discouraged and maybe even a bit scared when I biked to Fælleparken last Sunday. Would I be able to run the entire route, would I be able to not finish as last, what if I have to pee on the way.. Way too many questions, for only 8.30 in the morning. But the boyfriend shouted some inspiring words (“WE CAN GO TO MCDONALDS AFTERWARDS” haha, I kid.. He just said he believed I could do it and who am I to not believe him!). So 9 o’clock sharp I started to run with about 6000 others from Parken all the way to the beautiful lakes, with a halfway point through Tivoli, a return on the other sides of the lakes and to finish about an hour later!

Me just after the finishingline..

For the running fanatics, it might be a run on the slower side on the spectrum. But honestly for myself, I thought it was a pretty cool achievement: to run the longest distance I ever ran (10k) without walking and I wasn’t even completely dead yet.. So now this little devil on my shoulder is softly whispering 15k, 15k, 15k in my ear.. And let there be one here in Copenhagen, the 28th of October organized by Nike.. The only thing is, I feel pretty mixed between running a 10k for a better time or the 15K for just a new achievement in life..

What do you think I should do?

With love,

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5 thoughts on “Friløbet

  1. m

    congrats! i attempted to start running this summer but then i sprained my ankle, so that didn’t work out. big props to you for sticking with it.

    1. Janet Post author

      Thanks m, perhaps I should do the 15k next with a motivator like this!!

      Perhaps the 5k Nike Marathon Start-up could be a nice challenge for you!

  2. simona

    15 k sjens. ik ga signen voor next year halve marathon berlin en in sept de hele. dat is pas overconfidence haha.
    doe je met me mee? dan hebben we een reunion in berlin!

    1. Janet Post author

      siempieeee, halve marathon zeg ik nog wel ja tegen! maar ik denk niet dat ik anytime soon een hele marathon zal lopen, tenzij ik ingeloot wordt voor NY.. trainen voor een hele marathon is niet echt te combineren met zuipen + crossfit + series kijken + een leven ernaast hebben.. wanneer is de halve marathon in berlijn? ik dacht om misschien de 15k eind oktober te doen en een halve op 31 december…

      kommie hier 😀

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