God Påske

My sister has send me this youtube clip to wish me a good Easter and how awesome is this bunch of happiness?! Definitely wouldn’t mind to get that as an Easter present. But nonetheless I got surprised with some more (!!) pretty amazing things for Easter!

After a nice Easter lunch, my boyfriend’s mom surprised us with some goodies from A.C. Perch’s. Perch’s is a small family business established in 1835 and they are the Danish royal supplier of tea, so you better reckon they know their business about tea! We got a white Chinese tea called White Symphony, with flavours of elderflower, granate apple, pineapple and peach, and a Chai Classic with spicy flavours of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, fennel and anise. Perch’s is definitely worth a visit when you are in Copenhagen and they also have a tea room above their shop, but make sure to make a reservations!

A. C. Perch´s Thehandel
Kronprinsensgade 5
1114 København K

I also got some goodies from a good friend of mine as a graduation gift. As a Dutchie, I love liquorice and he sure made me happy with some goodies from Lakrids. The combinations of this brand are rather odd (a.o. liquorice with chili or with cranberry) but they are absolutely delicious! I got chocolate coated liquorice and I guess this sounds as an odd combination too. But its gooooood!! He also surprised me with the most convenient present, a mini/maxi rucksack (which is what is says it is, you can transform the smallest pocket ever in a decent size backpack!).

So life has been pretty good with a whole lot of present and it isn’t even my birthday yet 😀

With love,

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