Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional…

My lovely co-workers decorated my desk today!

I’m seriously getting old now.. Today I turned 25!! 25 is a bit of an odd age: first of all, its way too close to the big 3-0, but also didn’t you guys thought you would be a lot more grown up by now? In addition, besides being older you don’t get any new rights with turning 25 (which obvious is lame), 16: beer, 18: vodka + car license, 21: grown up clubs, 25: quarter-life crisis?

But besides that there are also some pros coming with turning this old: making your own money (be ashamed if you are still living of your parents dollar dollar bills!), you pretty much decide on everything yourself (so no more moms telling you have to end your teenage phone call and go to bed), and when you are asked for your ID at a club it’s actually a compliment..

However, I wish it could be my birthday everyday, waking up with balloons all over the room and a Danish Snegl waiting for me!

With love,

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