Half Marathon Training Week 1/17



It has been a while since I have updated you guys with my running habits and/or improvements. Inspired by Dailylin I will also keep you updated about my running efforts up to the half marathon world championship in Copenhagen on the 29th of March 2014.

First of all, I’m fed up with being a slow running. Well.. I like being a slow running, while actually running. I love to just stare around me and absorb the surroundings. However, whenever I compare myself to others (I know, worst thing you can do and absolutely pointless) or see my final time it starts to irritate me more and more how long it takes me to run certain distances.

So I created a 17 week running plan on Runnersweb’s website and started last week. I did some interval trainings on Monday with my lovely friend Katja, who coincidentally is an athletics coach. Another day of interval trainings on Tuesday with Løbe-skolen, my knee definitely disagreed with me running two days in a row though. I ended the week with a 9.5 km run with Sparta.


I have been training with Løbe-skolen for a couple of weeks now. They are teaching different courses (basis, sprint, marathon and interval) and I am in the basis group. It’s really nice to learn a bit more about the real basics, such as how to run more efficiently, how to use different running paces (I honestly thought I had only one pace: slow) and how to prevent injuries. The course is in Danish, but I’m pretty sure it could be in English too!

NBRO Running Crew

On Thursday I often run with the NBRO running crew. Primarily because this is the day when they train intervals and I feel that this is the only training I can keep up with for now. Here you can find their schedule and most of the other days they run with a pace between 4:30 and 5:30 p/km. People of all ages run with NBRO, but in general they all are fanatics and fast runners. On the other hand we have our love for Nike in common.


Every Sunday until May 2014 Sparta (the local athletics club) organises a long-distance run as marathon group training. With groups that pace everything from 4:15 til 6:30. The trainings are free to join and on your way you’re even provided with something to drink! I joined them last Sunday for their run and ran 9.5 as my schedule required and it’s a really nice way to run some longer distances in a group with great (mental) support.

With love,