Happy Birthday to my Sister


My sister is 4 years older than I am and has always been this cool rebel chick, where I was more the nerdy talk-to-myself kind of kid. Since she was always heaps cooler than I was (or haha, just because she was a bit older), we have never been really close sisters (like Mary-Kate and Ashley) but nonetheless she is one of my most precious friends. One of the oldest memory I have of us playing together, is when we watched Jurassic Park on TV. She pretended to be a dinosaur and I was Lex Murphy, we screamed and jumped over the couch in the living room and I had such an amazing time with her. I’m not really sure what I was planning to tell you with this, but here you go, another bunch of unusable information.


My sister and I have always have had a love/hate relationship. This is mostly because we disagree pretty much on everything: on the basis principles of life to the color of our nails. But at the same time, she is also the sister that would go over to the guys that bullied me in elementary school to teach them a lesson. The sister that would pick my side, when I argued with my parents. The sister who I could ugly-cry in front, when I broke up with my high-school sweetheart (everything is so intense when you’re 16).


I’ve made life really hard on her sometimes, I can’t deny that. I was this goodie two shoes, that pretty much would tadle tale on everything. I made everything into a competition, even when she didn’t knew it was a game to begin with. I don’t know how it must have been for her, with a sister like me.

But her she is, celebrating the big 30 (or shall we say the big forever 21). All I have left is love and wishes for her. I hope she finds her life-calling, I hope that she will make a difference in a kid’s life (I think she would be amazing as a teacher!), and I just wish her all sugar, spice and everything nice. Because she always has my back and I hope she knows I will always have hers.

With love,

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