Happy Easter!

Hope you all are heading out to or preparing a great Easter brunch! In the Netherlands we celebrated Easter with a chocolate scavenger hunt and they have been one of my best child memories!! Especially when you find an egg around Christmas that just has been laying around since April and ya bet that I still ate them.. But every country has its own cultural habits. In Denmark you write each other anonymous letters?! BUT, you also can give each other a small present. And this is what I found this morning 😀 It is almost like Christmas, but without the snow!

I got Chanel’s Coco Blue nailpolish from the Jeans collection. The collection was released last year for Fashion’s Night Out. I ABSOLUTELY love Chanel’s limited edition releases. First of all, they come in crazy nice colors. But also, because those colors really bring back memories from the season when they were released/purchased!

Coco Blue is the (in my opinion) nicest color. It is a light sky-blue polish with a light shimmer and I can’t wait to try it on. Such a nice Spring/Easter color, isn’t it!?

With love,

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