Hello 2013!

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I know, it is the 6th of February.. But I needed some time to think about this (not really, I blame it to writersblock), I don’t have any real new years resolutions, but I have some major goals for the next 11 months and I thought it could be nice to share them with you. Some of them will be, I hope, life-changing. Others will be the small joys of life, that will make your day.

So here goes nothing:

  • Find the perfect and cheap (!) take-away place, so this means no kebab or pizza and it has to be less than 150 kr (around 20 euro).
  • Be fluent in Danish
  • Finnish half a marathon
  • Read all the Harry Potter books
  • Send actual mail by post, for birthday’s or just days that are important for the other.
  • Find my dream job (so if anybody knows anything in the Copenhagen area, feel welcome to send me an email
  • Double the LP collection, the boyfriend and I are collecting
  • At least one trip outside of Europe (to visit Vietnam again perhaps?) and heaps of city trips (Stockholm – so I can bump into Kenza, London – Superdrug, Paris – Laduree)
  • Get this blog to the next level: so more pictures with my DSRL (less with instagram) and more regular posts. Obviously without it being draining
  • Find Danish friends, this sounds a lot more dramatic than it actually is. But about all my Danish friends are actually my boyfriend’s friend and all my own friends are internationals living in Copenhagen. Danes are quite shy to foreigners and are not really open to friendships to us, but I’m planning to break the prejudice

With love,

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