How awesome is this?!

Before I moved to Copenhagen, the boyfriend and I flew to each other about every two weeks. And I always, literally ALWAYS, fly with Scandinavian Airlines. I began flying with them because the boyfriend flies with them on stand-by and I thought it could be nice to collect some miles (but the sad truth is, even though I flew a crazy amount last year – all I can buy with my miles points is a little bottle of wine during the flight…). The thing I like the most about SAS, being a girl who consistently overpacks, is that they NEVER say anything when I have a pinch of overweighted luggage and in addition for bringing an extra suitcase they only charge 30 EUR.

Another thing I really like is their facebook page.. They answer all your questions (and they do it quick!) and from experience I feel like the facebook helpdesk is more willing to actually help than their phone support. I seriously sometimes just go to their facebook to read over the answers they give, some on really good questions and some questions are just retarded – but they always stay polite and helpful! On some occasions you can even talk with the CEO of the company..

But anyways, check out the above youtube clip. They had the most awesome Easter celebration and even though flying makes me crazy tired (I don’t know how business man do it; fly in the morning, have a meeting and fly back again – I would walk out the plane like a zombie) it made me wish I had to fly this weekend!

With love,

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