How to Fold Fitted Sheet

NOTE: This post might contain an awful lot of house wife information 😎

While I hate to clean the house, I absolutely love to tidy up (yes, there’s a big difference between the two). So with all our guest gone and no new guests on the planning (yet), it’s time to move all our guest stuff down to the basement. So between all the blankets, pillows, and air-bed there’s one item I hate the most: the fitted sheet. Normally I kinda just roll it into a ball and hope for the best. But this time I decided I needed some Martha Steward to help me out and it actually worked!


This was my final result and while probably most of you wont understand, for a near OCD person like me it’s really satisfying to see such a neat folded sheet 😛

How do you fold your sheets?

With love,

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