I know no shame…

When I ask people who learned Danish as a 2nd/3th/4th language, they often say that they learned it partly by listening radio and watching tv. For me, it is way too easy when I listen to the radio to totally zone out when they start talking and zone in again when the music starts. I don’t perse like to watch Danish tv (since I have a gazillion better things to watch..) but I do like some things, especially cooking shows since language is no barrier at all when looking at those.. Another show I like to watch is Emils damer..

Emil, who by the way isn’t gay – even though his eyebrows say differently (they amazeballs), has a show where he follows a famous Danish girl for a day and pretend to be her boyfriend. It is really easy tv to watch and I fake myself in understanding at least half of it and the other half he is either naked or I’m amazed by his prepped hair and eyebrows.

So, I believe that part of integrating in a new country is getting to now the rich and famous.. Whenever I made new friends from abroad back in the Netherlands you tend to forget that they don’t know who Gordon, Anouk and Marco Borsato are. The same counts for me, whenever somebody says “he is from tv, she is a politician, they are in a band” all I can do is shuck my shoulders and agree with them…

But so, when I saw that one famous Dane that I actually know (eventhough I saw Ole Hendriksen the day before at Sephora), I had to be groupie-like and go for a picture with him. Yeah, I know – I’m lame.. But that’s what I said, I know no shame..

Until we meet again,

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2 thoughts on “I know no shame…

  1. M

    His eyebrows are mesmerizing. I love watching show, emphasis on the naked crazy parts. You don’t need to know Danish to understand what’s going on

    1. Janet Post author

      Hey M! Haha, I love that show!! Just saw the episode with ole henriksen and its like watching two kids on LSD! Have a great weekend