I love Copenhagen, but…

Blogs might give you the impression that everything is always exciting, fun and great. But hey, life isn’t always like that! It sometimes sucks balls, but who wants to read about that right?!

But who am I holding you from reality.. I ABSOLUTELY am in love love love with Copenhagen. BUT, there’s one thing that I am constantly surprised about: Danish public toilets. I do not kid, these toilets would make you believe that you are in a third world country, as supposed to be the worlds happiest country. No, Danish toilets make me the worlds unhappiest gawl!

Somehow the toilets resemble more to the toilets in e.g. Thailand then any other developed country. And you know why?! OPEN trash bins! Back in the Netherlands trash bins in the womans private room are sealed in such a way that you will NEVER EVER be in contact (even if its only eye contact..) with other womans trash. But somehow, here in Denmark, I have been told that people trow their trash on the floor when the bins have a closing “door”, with as consequence: bright and open trash bins and you can imagine yourself all the things I had to see in them :(

No picture for this post, that is just too gross. BUT if you want an impression, see for yourself.

With love,

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