Københavns Fødevarefællesskab (KBHFF) – Copenhagen’s Food Community

We expats like to complain about how expensive everything is in Denmark. I like (haha, that definitely sounds more dramatic than it is..) to complain about how expensive a 100 ml jar Nutella is (about 35 kroner which is 5 euro..). But there are many (okay, not that many..) alternatives to keep your fridge stocked and your wallet fat!

I found an initiative that is abso-fucking-lutely amazing! The Københavns Fødevarefællesskab (Copenhagen’s Food Community) is an organization all run on volunteers and based on sustainable and locally produced vegetables and fruits. So what is it, you may ask?

For 100 kroner you can sign up as a member and as a member you can order a weekly bag for 100 kroner filled with 6-8 kg of organic, seasonal, and locally cultivated fruits and veggies. It’s an amazing compromise between tasteless and expensive supermarket chains green and the cheap but almost dead fruits from the afghanish/thai/chinese supermarkets next to the central station in Nørrebro.

In addition, in KBHFF the customers are the members, owners and co-workers. Nobody makes a profit (and if there’s a profit, it will be used to reduce the price of the vegetables) and as member you have to volunteer 3 hours per month (that is as much time you probably spend on facebook today!) packing the vegetables, ordering vegetables or even fixing the website if that’s your skill!

So after becoming a member, you can pre-order a bag for next week (and thus paying a 100 kroner in advance). The organization buys from local farmers based on the number of pre-orders and they pay with the money received the week before. You can pre-order for several weeks at once, or just for the following week. You are under no obligation to buy a set amount of bags a month, and if you don’t want more vegetables for the following weeks, you simply just don’t pre-order more.

I’m absolutely in love with this idea, you get cheap organic and seasonable vegetables and you probably will try a lot of new things that you usually won’t buy. I definitely will bike over to one of the (11!) shops tomorrow!

With love,

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