La Baracca – Hamburg


So these pictures have been waiting to be uploaded for ages by now… When we were in Hamburg, the tummies had to be filled after the wallet was emptied. We chose for a Italian design restaurant, almost Nordic minimalistic, called La Baracca.

The cool thing about this restaurant was that they were totally digitalized, so instead of a waiter you got a tablet computer to order from and instead of a sommelier there was a digital winebar. I wasn’t reaaally impressed by the tabled, I obviously broke the first one I got. But the winebar was sooo much fun! I have absolutely no knowledge at all about wine, besides the fact that I like it or I don’t. So for 50 (euro) cent you could get a sample of a wine in their system. So the boyfriend and I stood there giggling, as highschool kids smoking their first cigaret, and sampled about 5 wines before deciding what we wanted!

The food was surprisingly cheap, or well coming from Copenhagen everything is cheaper… The most expensive dish (a steak) costs 16 euro’s, while the side dishes were around 2.50. It may sound a bit impersonal with everything digitalized, but the staff was extremely friendly and more than welcome to help! I can’t wait to go back to Hamburg and experience the city a bit more!



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3 thoughts on “La Baracca – Hamburg

    1. Janet Post author

      Hamburg is LEUK!! Ik heb nog een paar fototjes online gezet, alvast veel plezier 😀